Go Back Home!

Many first and second generation migrants, especially those of South Asian, Middle Eastern or African and Afro Caribbean roots are way too familiar with that welcoming expression that British thugs like to wail out whilst usually drunk. They certainly don’t leave any exceptions for me. It was a fine Sunday afternoon until me and my […]

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Ethnic Minorities and Crime

Whilst I was studying sociology, I recall an interesting study I came across. Stuart Hall, Policing the Crisis. Hall noted in his research findings that many crimes such a “mugging” and knife crime was specifically being linked to ethnic minorities, particularly young African and Afro-Caribbean males. Hall, also understood that there was a huge moral panic […]

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‘Angry, White and Proud’

I have heard a lot about channel 4’s documentary ‘Angry, White and Proud’ which was aired this Wednesday.   I still need to watch it myself but for some reason I am really hesitant in watching this documentary. Probably because it’s the same crap all over again. The British White Christian bigots against the British Pakistani […]

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Video: Charlie Hebdo

A Deeper Understanding Of Charlie Hebdo

For me there’s mixed feelings about this Magazine. It seems like their agenda was to offend every religion out there to promote its strong secular beliefs. However, I don’t believe being an atheist means you lack common human decency and nor does being a believer mean your are pious. Morals, manners, empathy, courtesy  I believe is all very human. There doesn’t have to be a third party involved to have these attributes.  It’s up to you to give your own definition of what exactly freedom of speech is. we live in a liberal era, where we believe in individualism and everything goes. Notice how basic things like manners is something that is becoming rare. People are more hostile today, there’s less of a community cohesion adding to us becoming more selfish. You could blame this on capitalism, how we’re the rat caught in this death race we’re no ones getting anywhere. The goal is to spend as much as you can and try not get broke. I know I’m going off on a bit of a tangent here but everything is connected.

Many will argue that Muslims have no right to be offended by the images published. As the magazine also mocks other religious institutes too. Correct they sure did. But when something so close to your heart is played about with of course it will hurt. I’m sure there are many Christians who must have been offended by some of the Charlie Hebdo spoofs. This magazine is a controversial one, it was a strong believer in the culture of secularism. However, they went about promoting secularism the wrong way. Painting an image of atheists being close minded. I have an atheist friend who respects all religions and cultures.  One insightful tweet suggested to me that we must renew our intentions, and stop being so hypocritical. “A Jew can’t wear a yarmulke. A Muslim the Hijab. A Christian, a Cross. But Charlie can mock all three. That’s French freedom for you” Did Charlie Hebdo promote hate crime? Or was it simply freedom of speech they were practicing? I’ll leave this for you to ponder over

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Why do Radical Feminists believe getting naked is the way to Liberation?

Radical feminists for some reason remind me of the BNP or EDl. The movement is just heading a different direction. For example, the EDL are against British Muslim Pakistanis based on their stereotypes. Likewise, radical feminists are against men, this bitterness of men stems from the stereotype they have applied to a man. Both movements […]

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