And So It Begins.

It’s been two days since Paris was once again so brutally attacked and unfortunately once again innocent civilians suffered. At least 128 people were killed in one night after gunmen reported to be members of ISIS erupted into the Bataclan concert hall, people were also shot dead at restaurants and bars along site.  Paris was […]

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White Privileges: Charleston Shooting

The Charleston Shooting has been dominating social media and international news. No doubt the recent heart-breaking shooting has rightfully urged a powerful uproar. Dylann Roof responsible for murdering 9 Black African Americans in South Carolina church Wednesday night. ABC news interviewed a friend of the inhumane murderer. Tyler, Roof’s friend who knew him for 7 […]

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Racist Radical Journalists.

Katie Hopkins is infamously known for her provocative, discriminatory and offensive The Sun column. Recently the newspaper published a column by Hopkins on the matter of immigrations just 48 hours before the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean, where Hopkins referred to migrants as “a plague of feral humans” and perhaps one of her most disturbing statement […]

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Brown Fetish. (short post)

One thing I’m never short of in my sorry life is White British women complimenting my skin colour and moaning how pale theirs is.  Now the passive me would just take this as a compliment and then brag to friends and family that I have been accepted by a White person because clearly in my […]

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South Asian Beauty Standards; the Startling Perplexing Syndrome Part I Written by Hajra Khan, Collaboration with Author of The Human Lens

  The South Asian Pakistani community has been obsessed with skin pigmentation for decades. Unfortunately this trend is still at its peak, even in England. In England the main reason for why I believe this obsession still exists is because of the older generation. Those are the ones who carried this ideology with them when […]

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Light Skin VS Dark Skin.

I know your all intelligent beings that don’t really care about one’s pigmentation. Nonetheless, I need to get this of my chest. In 2014 and also perhaps late 2013, there has been a trend emerging on social sites, where people name themselve after their pigmentation. For example, “light skin [person’s name]”. Another trend has been […]

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