Unconventional Beauty: Perspectives

As promised it’s time to get down to nitty and gritty world of Pakistani beauty perceptions and its challenges. Let’s face it, we don’t all look like those poster girls they broadcast to us, most of us our averagely looking. However, thanks to Pakistani ridiculous beauty standards some of us don’t even pass the “average” […]

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Housewife’s expectations.

The Southern Asian woman has to carry many qualities to be liked by her elders. Almost every outcome that happens is reflected upon her, even the ones she has no control over. This became evident to me when a young woman I know of had been diagnosed with depression after she tried to take her […]

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‘Angry, White and Proud’

I have heard a lot about channel 4’s documentary ‘Angry, White and Proud’ which was aired this Wednesday.   I still need to watch it myself but for some reason I am really hesitant in watching this documentary. Probably because it’s the same crap all over again. The British White Christian bigots against the British Pakistani […]

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