The Return of the Seeker

My heart begins to pound slightly as I open up the majestic WordPress app, my stomach filled with butterflies and dozens of thoughts rush through my mind like a bee stampede. Every new idea that rushes through the corners of my mind gives of a buzzing sound which makes me feel exhilarated. It’s been FIVE […]

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Youth vs Grace

When I left this blog I was just a child, a child who had not experienced life at its core and all its wonderful fruits or its harsher realities. Since then, God has made sure I experience both. Since then God has put me on a journey filled with turmoil that ultimately led to an […]

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Preserving Your Relationship Is The Best Way Forward (Plus It Makes You Less Annoying)

It’s beautiful to see people in love as in this day and age love is becoming rarer to find. But what completely pees me off is when couples constantly boast about their significant other, or when they just can’t stop associating their significant other with everything they talk about, there’s also the quoting business “he/she […]

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The Empty Space We Feel Inside Us.

It bothers me when anything promotes the outdated philosophy that only having a boyfriend or girlfriend is way to everlasting contentment or the idea that only being in love with someone will make that empty feeling go away. This old-fashioned belief focuses way too much on attachment. I don’t believe as independent beings, we should […]

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