The Return of the Seeker

My heart begins to pound slightly as I open up the majestic WordPress app, my stomach filled with butterflies and dozens of thoughts rush through my mind like a bee stampede. Every new idea that rushes through the corners of my mind gives of a buzzing sound which makes me feel exhilarated. It’s been FIVE […]

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Unconventional Beauty: Perspectives

As promised it’s time to get down to nitty and gritty world of Pakistani beauty perceptions and its challenges. Let’s face it, we don’t all look like those poster girls they broadcast to us, most of us our averagely looking. However, thanks to Pakistani ridiculous beauty standards some of us don’t even pass the “average” […]

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Why Radical Feminists Or They’re Misconception Is Kind Of Daft?

There’s seems to be a lot of media attention being paid to the feminist movements recently. Especially, after Emma Watson’s inspiring speech everything just kicked off.  I’ve decided to look into a particular feminist movement which is most commonly known as ‘radical feminism’.  The name in itself is powerful and straight away you know that […]

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