Summary of 2014

The purpose of this page is so my future children can use this page which I will  leave the URL for them in my will  so they can get an insight to all the most noted things which took place in 2014.

Here goes..

  • The rise of beards obsession
  • Twerking
  • The ice bucket water challenge thing which went viral over the net
  • Kim Kardashian’s ass
  • Blue Ivy memes
  • The grand Oscar selfie
  • Kylie Jenner lip obsession
  • The bizarre popularity of the game Flappy Bird
  • CIA torture report leak
  • Nigeria’s Kidnapped girls
  • The use of the word “bae”
  • The contoured makeup look
  • Caterpillar eyebrows
  • The app Vine
  • The Sun newspaper doesn’t remove it’s page 3
  • Prince George’s dress sense
  • Katie Hopkins
  • Movember
  • Scotland doesn’t gain independence
  • Israel and Palestine war
  • Islamophobia
  • Hunger Games
  • Planes disappearing
  • Joan Rivers died
  • Russell Brand
  • Twitter hashtags
  • Someone released a song about selfies
  • Hipsters
  • Sydney siege
  • ISIS

This what I can think of so far, feel free to comment any other prominent things that comes to mind šŸ™‚

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