Rape Is Society To Blame?

Lately I have been becoming more conscious to all the little stares I have been receiving and it’s about time I do some therapeutic writing to get it off my chest. Now who are the perpetrators? Well really everyone, I believe some stares result in me wearing the hejab. I mean being Muslim in this […]

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Go Back Home!

Many first and second generation migrants, especially those of South Asian, Middle Eastern or African and Afro Caribbean roots are way too familiar with that welcoming expression that British thugs like to wail out whilst usually drunk. They certainly don’t leave any exceptions for me. It was a fine Sunday afternoon until me and my […]

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Ethnic Minorities and Crime

Whilst I was studying sociology, I recall an interesting study I came across. Stuart Hall, Policing the Crisis. Hall noted in his research findings that many crimes such a “mugging” and knife crime was specifically being linked to ethnic minorities, particularly young African and Afro-Caribbean males. Hall, also understood that there was a huge moral panic […]

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