#MuslimApologies Tribute

There are those who believe Muslims should be held responsible and apologise for any act of wrongness committed by anyone who claims to be acting In the name of Islam. As ridiculous as it sounds but it is very true, Muslims are demanded to take full responsibility for the 9/11 bombings, the 7/7, the Boston bombings and many more deviant acts committed by certain groups.  Of course, there is the rather rational argument that only 9 people were responsible for the 9/11 bombings but then why is it even logical to assume that a religion which has about 2.8 billion followers should be blamed for an act only 9 individuals committed? However this argument is dismissed by many members of the public and powerful institutions such as the media and instead, Muslims are allowed to be scapegoated and in return we too have to deliver an apology on a daily basis.

I mean Muslims being demanded to apologise for anything that certain groups do in “the name of Allah” is completely acceptable but for any White Christian to apologise for the KKK movement would be disgraceful and so unfair right? Anyways, the Twitter trend #Muslimapologies was a genius way of responding back to all the bigots and hypocrites out there! Some tweets were reinforcing the beauties of the Qur’an whilst others were just bloody hilarious and wonderfully sarcastic. Therefore, I have decided to create a tribute page to this memorable twitter trend.


“I’m sorry our civilians live on top of the Oil you want, and under the bombs you drop #MuslimApologies to #WesternCivilisation

“I’m sorry that the Qur’an guaranteed women their property &economic rights way before Western feminism #MuslimApologies

“I’m sorry for my illiterateness because apparently Fox News knows more about my religion than I do #MuslimApologies

“Sorry when I looked into this ‘so called’ terrorist religion I actually converted to Islam- from dancer to Deen #MuslimApologies

“I’m sorry that Muslim women had rights 1400 years ago while you were still discussing if women had souls… #MuslimApologies

“Sorry, I wear Hijab because it’s my own choice not my fathers. #MuslimApologies

“Sorry for trigonometry, aerodynamics and astronomy. #muslimapologies

“I’m sorry for inventing surgery, coffee, universities, algebra, hospitals, toothbrushes, vaccinations, numbers, & the sort #MuslimApologies

“I apologize if my bun was ever blocking your view in class #MuslimApologies

“I’m sorry that the .001% of Muslims worldwide that might be extreme are given 100% of the media coverage. #MuslimApologies

#muslimapologies Sorry I look so darn stylish in my hijab”

#MuslimApologies I’m sorry for being able to grow a proper manly beard”

“I’m sorry that I’m in a private conversation with Allah at least 5 times a day. #MuslimApologies

“I apologise for encouraging Cat Stevens to metamorphose into a bearded man by the name of Yusuf Islam #MuslimApologies

“I apologize for providing biryani, hummus, bakhlava, kababs, oven baked naans, Turkish food, and much more .. #MuslimApologies

“As a Muslim I apologies for the World War One & World War Two even it has nothing to do with the Muslims but just in case. #MuslimApologies

“I’m sorry our food is too spicy for you #MuslimApologies

“I apologise for the Twilight Saga #MuslimApologies

“I’m sorry that Mufasa had to die in Lion King #MuslimApologies

“I’m Sorry for donating a fifth of my annual savings to charity each year. #MuslimApologies

“I apologize to the children of Syria who stood up for their rights & dreamed of a brighter future. #MuslimApologies

“The only thing I’ll ever apologise for is algebra. Bringing nightmares to every student ever. #muslimapologies

#MuslimApologies I’m sorry that Muslims aren’t Racist like the KKK, and they actually help each other out”

“I’m sorry to inform you but the greatest scholar of Islam was a women Aisha (ra) #MuslimApologies

“Now that we’ve seen #MuslimApologies I wanna see #WesternApologies. there’s a lot to apologize for, luckily for you Islam is very forgiving” 🙂



Morpheus never lets me down.

3 thoughts on “#MuslimApologies Tribute

  1. Lovin it!!!! 😀
    P.s: I sucked at algebra, and although I didn’t participate in this Twitter campaign I have many times raised this issue at my blog.
    I find it amazing that west suffers from continous amnesia.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This is enough slap on the faces of people who think Muslims have no sense of humor and are serious, narrow minded idiots.


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