I’m Back.

My heart begins to pound slightly as I open up the majestic WordPress app, my stomach filled with butterflies and dozens of thoughts rush through my mind like a bee stampede. Every new idea that rushes through the corners of mind gives of a buzzing sound which makes me feel exhilarated. It’s been FIVE years since I wrote my last post! Five years! I read back on my posts and I can’t help but laugh and be proud of my youthful mind that was so in her element back then. Not to mention the awful spelling and the sentences that were so grammatically incorrect, but unfortunately Dyslexia doesn’t fade away with the years. Sadly.

I am now 25 years of age I was just a girl when I left this blog and now I return as a woman. Wow. So I’ve decided to pay homage to my younger self and continue writing for this blog again. But this time, I bring my experiences gained over the years, I bring my insight, I bring my new older “sophisticated”satire rants. After all I am comedian at heart like the UK Prime Minister, I bring my sorrows, I bring my concerns and most importantly I intend to bring empowerment and solidarity to women like and not so much like me. I hope whoever stumbles across my blog feels a connection with my inner depths and I too with yours and I hope once again I am lost and found.