Spike in Peter Pan syndrome Postmodern Men?

Studies are showing that a modern day man’s favourite love affair is indeed his X box, PC games and pornography. Studied also show compared to women, men are uneducated. More women graduate then men, this is becoming a global trend. More men are unemployed, and get stuck in dead end menial jobs.

Of course, the consequences of this is that the postmodern man is resentful of women. Rather then take accountability, they slack and lack, become self fulfilling prophecies of automised losers. Men have given up and retreated to their dens where they play video games. According to statistics, most men play between 6-8 hours worth of video games.

This far outweighs, dating and building a family. Men are more abusive, psychopathic and predatory according to statistics. We also see a rise in many women describing themselves in masculine terms, women identify themselves more and more as classical traditional men. Women regard themselves as taking over the traditional gender roles of men.

However, men have not discovered their femininity, men did not find in themselves the empathy, the softness, the networking skills that women excel in. Therefore, men remain cave men and women are becoming cave men. This convergence is uni-gender, which ultimately creates gender vertigo. People don’t know anymore how to behave like men or women.

There is no doubt, that our postmodern culture that society is woven up in, is made more for women, then traditional men. Women are much more qualified to serve in our modern environment. Leaving men to react with misogyny. Rather then finding intimate partners, who men can be open and vulnerable with they have outsourced to video games and an increase in pornography intake. The problem with pornography is that it teaches you the wrong sexual practices, it implements the objectification of women.

Furthermore, studies are showing that more men are withdrawing from finding intimate partners. Men are increasingly becoming immature and suffering from the Peter Pan syndrome. They are eternal adolescents, refusing to grow up, commit, invest and take accountability. In this environment, women then recoil, finding men to be repulsive and off putting. Women want do date men, but where are they? This explains the natural rise in women dating much older men in their 50s and 60s compared to the 20s and 40s.

We also see a rise in statistics showing women from the West to gravitate towards dating ethnic men. From countries where there is still a modicum of traditional gender roles and preservation of the traditional interactions between men and women. Women feel like their actually dating real men and not shadows of men.

From the above discussion, we can see the detrimental effects of the war between genders that the postmodern culture has caused. Although, our current culture revels in destroying traditional gender roles, marriage institution, intimacy, warmth, emotions, and vulnerability, as we celebrate liberalism and political correctness. However, from what our studies and statistics show to the investigator who possesses an ounce of common sense and empathy, that there is indeed no freedom left at all. We’ve built our own prisons, the walls pained with a coat of confusion and the inmates are lost men and women suffering

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