Spike in impish boyish Postmodern Women?

It’s visually become evident that within the last decade or so there has been a rise of women behaving like men. But do these women imitate sensible, moral or virtuous men? No, from our brainwashing Netflix screens to being every day out and about in society we can see that these postmodern women behave and and carry themselves as adolescent, teenage, player, irresponsible women. They are indeed imps of women.

The further social crisis is that these postmodern women do not look to seduce or charm their opposite gender but instead we see a rise of lesbianism or bisexuality. We find that some of these women to act out the same behavioural patterns as predatorial men.

They fail to build and establish a stable home as traditional nuclear families do. There is a constant anxiety and restlessness that the postmodern woman possesses. Her interior is more wayward and discombobulated, even more so then the postmodern man. We find many studies showing the rise in women suffering from personality disorders, narcissistic disorders and from analysis we find the postmodern woman to have stunted emotional and psychological growth.

Why does the postmodern woman fail to act like a virtuous man then? There’s plenty of them around and history offers outstanding examples. Is it rather, she is not herself a moral and virtuous human being and believes by embodying a immature and silly boy it is easier to act out her desires then it would be to remain steadfast on being a moral and virtuous woman?

Should the men be offended by this display? Do they question is she supposed to be acting like me? Furthermore, the postmodern women seeks to annihilate the man completely. “Anything a man can do I can do better” or “who run the world- girls! And the pop classic “ I don’t need a man to make me feel good, I get off doing my thing, I don’t need a ring around my finger To make me feel complete” … you get my jist at this point.

So if postmodern thought originally started of as a movement to help the oppressed races and also women, has it failed in the sense that yes it has liberated women but it has now many years later oppressed men! So now we’re back where we started in the medieval years but now it’s men who have no social rights and soon a place.

Has the postmodern movement and thought achieved its original goal then?

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