There Are No Ordinary Moments

There are no ordinary moments

Every minute a decree is being fulfilled

Every minute a truth is unfolding

A choice is being made

Either you’re against your destiny or for it

How does one stay on the path?

Ask God to guide you constantly

As this life is slippery

All it takes is a small nudge and you’ll fall

It may take you a whole cycle just to learn the life lessons and come back on the path to your destiny

Be conscious

Live life from the within

For it to excel on the out

Listen to your heart

For it contains all the secrets

You’re a traveler in this life

Your body is the boat

Your heartbeat is the water

Your spirit is the pearls to be found at the bottom of the ocean

Your enlightenment is the treasure

Your death is the relief

Your heaven is your reunion with your Beloved God.

Hajra Khan.

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