Youth vs Grace

When I left this blog I was just a child, a child who had not experienced life at its core and all its wonderful fruits or its harsher realities. Since then, God has made sure I experience both. Since then God has put me on a journey filled with turmoil that ultimately led to an healing path packed with sorrow and enlightenment. But my story is not so different to any of yours I’m sure. So we will not dwell on our heartbreaks this time round, rather we will focus on fruits of youth and fruits of becoming older or grace.

We live in a world that year by year is becoming more and more disintegrated. Whether it be micro or macro, we as human beings seem to be becoming less in touch with our human self more and more as we enter the so called progressive years of humanity. We also live in world that is becoming increasingly ageist. Both parties the young and the old seem to honour one another less and less. The digital era we are entering has a done a good job of creating a “them vs us” culture. Terms like “baby boomer” and “millennial” only add to the division. It’s all rather tense and if you don’t understand where I’m coming from then spend a day in an office packed with millennials and then a day packed with the baby boomers. You’ll also begin to feel that both collectives have a rather underlying resentment for each other.

This is rather strange, sure there was always the youthful rebellion and the wisdom of the elder members of community that was always present. But for the first time in human history this disintegration has a profound nasty and vicious flare to it. An example of this is Covid-19 and it’s glorious conspiracy theories. Let’s take a look at the theory that Covid-19 was designed to kill the elderly as human population. As the Earth has increased a ridiculous amount, therefore it only makes sense to kill of the oldies with this killer mysterious bug! Or another one I’ve read is, the vaccines are designed to kill of the elderly, so they will distribute the vaccines to elderly care homes first and target the age group of 80-60 first. This way the government can steal your grandparents pension and pay off their debts! How outrageous. Now, my issue doesn’t lie with these fantastical theories as I do think they would make an excellent Netflix show, and whoever is coming up with these theories should consider taking from posting on Reddit to the next level, pitching to Hollywood.

No, my issue is with the underlying pain points in society that these theories and similar discussions like this pose. It’s almost as if people of grace and the youth have both become commoditised. We as a human community are beginning to develop a scarce mentality, what can one do to serve our capitalists states? And if one does not serve surely they are no longer valuable members of society and have the right to be taken out right? Wrong. I believe as people on an individual level, we have lost touch with our unique sacredness. Which then contributes on a macro level of individualism, narcissism, fittest of the survival and similar new age paradigms.

In a time when the poets, philosopher, saints and scholars were alive and cherished, both the young and old were honoured members of the collective.

Seneca: “Let us cherish and love old age; for it is full of pleasure if one knows how to use it. Fruits are most welcome when almost over; youth is most charming at its close; the last drink delights the toper, the glass which souses him and puts the finishing touch on his drunkenness. Each pleasure reserves to the end the greatest delights which it contains. Life is most delightful when it is on the downward slope, but has not yet reached the abrupt decline.”

Epicurus: “It is not the young man who should be considered fortunate, but the old man who has lived well, because the young man in his prime wanders much by chance, vacillating in his beliefs, while the old man has docked in the harbor, having safeguarded his true happiness.”

Muhammad PBUH: “There is no forbearance unless one has blundered, and there is no wisdom unless one has experience.” And “No youth honors his elders but that God will appoint someone to honor him in his old age.”

J.K Rowling: “Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young.”

Euripedes: “Who so neglects learning in his youth loses the past and is dead to the future.”

Benjamin Disraeli: “The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity.”

Confucius: “A youth is to be regarded with respect. How do you know that his future will not be equal to our present?”

There was this fine thread that was woven into the silks of society, maintaining a balance for both members of the collective. The attitudes were not so disregarding as they are now. Perhaps, it is our lack of sacredness that has made us appreciate both members of the community less, or perhaps it’s a rise in consumerism that eventually puts a price on everything, even life? Or maybe the digital evolution is to blame as we crave sound bite information, not knowledge, we confuse the mechanisms of technology with life itself and want everything and all our problems to go away in nano-time?

So I leave you all to ponder on my thoughts on Youth vs Grace. Is this division becoming an underlying epidemic? But also, as personal side note I wish to express. I too was a haughty youth that at first fell into the modern capitalist trap of people equals workers and producers for society. I too strongly believed that youth were innovative and are the sole maintainers of this world. Out with the old, a disturbing paradigm for anyone to cloud their reasoning with. Until, God put me through trials which were very humbling and calmed my youthful enthusiasm to say the least. I also was gifted with an amazing spiritual teacher and mentor who purified my faulty thought faculties. I was remind of my own humanity and also of others. I now urge younger peers to take care of their elders and show respect, a keen ear and love. I also now encourage the people of grace to have an open mind when dealing with the youth, listen attentively and show mercy.

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