#Grenfelltower Rapid thoughts.

Before I lead myself into despair I need to get this shit of my chest. Who lives in London? Whose working class? Whose an ethnic minority? I’ll tell you who those hundreds of the roughly 500 residents who remain uncounted for in the Grenfell Tower block fire. I can’t speak on this without feeling a lump in my throat. Living only 40 minutes away from the tower, I can’t come to terms with this tragedy. More sadness and anger bears over me. “Corporate Manslaughter” stated Labour MP David Lammy in his interview. That’s exactly what this is. Murder of the poor. The government refurbished the block for 10 million, only allowing a gateway to death. People throwing their babies out the window, people banging on windows, people being told by the police to “stay inside”, people filming their last moments reciting and wishing goodbyes. How the fuck can this be real? My stomach churns, this is pure agony. My mind is stuck in a constant trance, only thinking about the dead, their suffering, the survivors who are now homeless and missing family/friends. Like the endless speakers, I will too speak, make a fucking fuss, sign whatever petition to ensure those held responsible have their sentence served. I hope their livelihood too perishes. The people of Grenfell Tower were murdered as a result of their social status. The people of London will never forget this, we may be poorer then the opposite side, but our compassion and care for each other will ensure something is done about this. Those are too my brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children that died. I love London, I love the people of London. It will forever be my home.

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