Random Pissed Off Post.

Random thoughts lead to a random out of the blue post, so here’s this. I like to believe that my blog is aimed at the ethnic minority but welcomes all human kind. Either way, I’m going to put this out there…

Who else is sick of seeing middle class White folk on the pedal stool? Now before you go on to calling me a bitter racist or whatever, here me out, I mean good for the young White boys and girls who are succeeding in the corporate world. But, I can’t help but feel as it is all set up, a premediated processed designed to only allow a set of ethnic kids to enter a higher job role which is mostly managed by the White majority.  We all get given a glimpse of that CEO role that CEA role, the remarkably well paid CBO role and the list of these fancy titles go on. What about the faces behind these roles? How about this, picture a CEO. Done it? Allow me to share my vision- White, male, grey hair, nice suit and smells like money. As a matter of fact thinking of these various roles the only face I can link is a Caucasian one. In all honesty the saddest thing is this is the only thing I’ve seen, in all the companies I’ve worked for the owner is a White male. All the top well paid positions are governed by White folks which is enough to piss an undermined female from the ethnic minority off and no doubt many others.

Racial inequality within the workplace has increased over the last 10 years, funny as ethnic minorities are now outperforming White British students in education. The Runnymede Trust believes the findings stem from institutional racism in the workplace.  Ethnic minority workers are sold the dream a better education and more integration with the White folk is the ticket to success. Unfortunately, the truth cannot be anymore uglier for specifically ethnic women. Report conducted by ‘All Party Parliamentary Group’ on race and community found that ethnic women face discrimination “at every stage of recruitment from employers”. In some cases Black women in specific were told to change their names to British ones in order to increase their chance of being employed. The statistics I’ve come across implying that institutional racism within the workplace is at its peak is disheartening for a young ambitious Brown woman like myself. It’s becoming a sore sight coming across the thousands of White British men and women given that pedal stool for half the price an ethnic person may be given it for. Racism may not be as in your face as it was decades ago, it’s just more insidious now, the only difference now it is hidden behind the practices and policies. I wish I could give this short random out of the blue a post a positive ending, however to finish this post in the words of Mr Kanye West “This one is for the executives, fuck you and all of your relatives” 🙂

5 thoughts on “Random Pissed Off Post.

  1. Good on you to call this shit out and I completely;y understand the disturbing reasons as to why you had just to write this because my own experiences of working with westerners are similar and equally disgusting. I am more than sorry to note that Britain has remained good old Britain full of this shit and that a young and talented woman of color like you has to suffer in your life in that country.
    I also find it outraging and ironical when I see that most western institutions have white men bosses, or top brass white folks who find it so easy to say things like “Muslim communities don’t allow women to go on top”.. it must be so easy to sit in an Armani and handmade Gucci shoes commenting on my third world country, Muslim problem and so on all while there are hardly significant number of women politicians, bankers and media outlet CEOs in one’s own country.
    Pathetic really, keep writing and calling out these issues because keeping silent is damaging beyond comprehension. Oh and by the way did you see my latest post on Pak’s Independence day?
    P.S: Also sending you an email now related to another upcoming post request.

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    1. Thank you for the read Saadia the more I go into different corporations the more I see this repetitive cycle being continued. Although the UK is fairly diverse it insidiously keeps that racial barrier in tact. The glass ceiling makes it harder for ethnics to cease opportunity especially since the opportunitys are colour coordinated! And I shall check my email and get back to you 🙂

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  2. I have been subject to the advice ‘change to your name’ so that you can get a job a lot of times. It took close to a year to get a job at corporate after college because my first and last name sounded foreign; Asian to be exact. And I’m neither. My interviewer who later turned out to be my second boss from the top really like me and suggested that I change my name to ‘Anna’ so that my resume gets more visibility if the third boss the one I needed to impress more didn’t pick me. I had lamented that it had been tough for me to land a job. It’s the sad truth, sometimes people have to recourse to change their name but I refused to do so. Alhamdullilah the job was mine but I know he pushed more too besides Allah’s decree. Get this, he is white Caucasian but he sees himself as a native American 😉 hehe. Now, did you know that the CEO of Pepsi-Co Frito Lay is an Indian woman? Alhamdulllah for any small progress. In the company I worked back then, all the VPs were male except the Tax department VP which was a woman and everybody noticed that the company was male dominated. The irony is that she got cancer and had to be on-leave for a long time about a year after I started. She died last year subhnallah…And guess what? A White man replaced her…He was very friendly though… I quit last year too after almost 5 years of working there. Good post sis and missed you.

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    1. Thank you for the read old friend! Ah it’s a real shame, I’ve never been suggested to change my name and would not know how to take it. I’m guessing it would make me feel small and even more marginalised. The company I work for is a major German motor company, upon my visits to the Head office, I noticed how there is not a single ethnic in sight and to your suprise no other hejabis either. The canteen was full of White males and a few White women. I think coming from a diverse working class town, me and my team were the only ones to bring some colour to that place haha! I Another thing, when successful (White) folk preach “work harder you’ll get far” a part of me desperately wants to believe, but then the more woke me knows my reality of being a working class British Asian Muslim female, what are the chances I’ll get to beat that glass ceiling? Especially with our colourful representations kindly presented by the media makes it even harder to be given a change. Nonetheless, we must try not for us but also for our daughters that are yet to come, for their sake at least. A part of me wishes I could switch off and not be so conscious of my race, but at the same I ponder if I’m willing to not acknowledge the colour of my skin, will other people be too? Food for thought eh. I’ve missed you ladies too your recent collab with Saadia Huq is one that I definitely need to share with others. Good work girls, I’ve been neglecting WP for a while, let’s just say life always gets in the way haha. Either way reading your posts always reminds me to continue supporting the cause 😉

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