#JoCoxMP + Media double standards. 

It’s only been 24 hours since the tragic death of Labour MP Jo Cox and London and Yorkshire is filled with flowers paying tribute. Cox was brutally murdered as she arrived to constituency surgery on Thursday, June 16. Asides from being a politician Cox’s was also a mother of two and a wife. Hearing about Cox’s tragic death was deeply unsettling and left me feeling heavy-hearted. Cox’s killer 53 year-old Tommy Mahir was held responsible for the act who allegedly was heard shouting “Britain first”. 

So far all we have found about Mahir is of course he had a mental health issue. There seems to be a trend of White males in the media committing heinous acts and having their “mental illness” be held responsible. We all know the double standards the media holds over coloured criminals and being mentally ill and how impossible this is for the coloured criminal. Seems like this privilege of being deemed as mentally ill is only given to White perpetrators. Not to mention how borderline offensive it is to so easily throw the “mentally ill” card when discussing White criminals.
I mean what about those who are genuinely mentally ill? How come the media isn’t so lenient on those locked away in psychiatric units? Why are they seen as devious misfits but, White offenders given spotlight seen as troubled mentally ill in silent sufferes who have no options but to kill innocent people? Being mentally ill isn’t just a happy go lucky type of label you can just throw around. It effects real life people. Why does the media feel the need to justify a White offenders crime by using mental illness as an excuse and not do the same for ethinic minority criminals? 

The double standards are so in your face it’s uncomfortable. Cox’s death has angered me even more as there media keeps using “privacy and dignity” excuse for not discussing the killer as much. Understandable but how come when Orlando shooter Omar Mateen committed his crime, all we got from the media was information about him. What happened to the dignity of the victims then? Or is due to Mateen’s skin colour the media had to blast him at the first chance they got. Don’t get me wrong I strongly condemn both criminals discussed, I just wish the media and society would learn to condemn all criminals regardless of the skin colour or faith they have. All criminals should be given the same treatment but unfortunately White privileges allows White offenders to have a softer representation. It’s ludicrous that we allow different media representations to be set for White criminals, and vital that we continue to blast and expose any media outlet trying to do so, as so many on Twitter have done so already.  

2 thoughts on “#JoCoxMP + Media double standards. 

  1. Welcome back to blogging world, your virtual fanbase was missing you. And now let me read your interesting post as the headline caught my attention, totally!!! Hope you have been fine otherwise?


    1. Thank you for the read Miss Huq! Yes I’ve been slacking on WP, summer is a busy time for sure. I am hoping to get some time alone so I can upload some more content soon! I’ve been good a little burnt out from job transaction and Ramadan, but a holiday to Greece will soon solve that In’sha’Allah! I hope your good too and actually let me go look at your recent non written VS written post 😉

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