Buying a drink or Paying for sex?

More and more people are becoming open to the idea paying for sex. The journal ‘Sexually Transmitted Infections’ found 1 in 10 British men say that have paid for sex. 3.6% of the 6,000 men surveyed admitted going to prostitutes in the past five years. There has been a strong stereotype of the type men that pay for sex which has emerged. The stereotype paints the “customer” to be perhaps old and lonely. In fact scientist Dr Cath Mercer found this is highly inaccurate representation of men who do pay for sex.  Dr Mercer described “young professionals” with many “unpaid sexual partners” are most likely to pay for sex.  Studies have found many young men who pay for sex the encounter 9 out 10 times is” alcohol fuelled”, however many have argued men prefer a professional service with an escort as it allows a mutual understanding to develop of what the client wants. Fantasies are easily explored. Also, young men have raised the point that paying for sex is a simple practical solution. There’s no chase involved.

But what I found interesting is what a young man interviewed shown in the documentary ‘Prostitution: What’s The Harm?’ argued. The young Brit argued there is no difference in paying for sex and buying a girl a drink and then sleeping with her. A controversial statement for sure.

The  young men interviewed all shared similar views and claimed its more easier to pay for sex, not because their lonely or desperate but because it’s just less hassle. The guys also admitted most of their night outs have the intention of buying a girl a drink, charming her and then finally seducing her. Commonly referred to a ‘one night stand’. So is this not the same thing as paying for sex?

In a bizarre way you could argue it is. Expect the process is carried out in an indirect way. There’s also a lot more acknowledge involved of each other. The men interviewed argued it is long and sometimes gruelling process getting to that “one night stand” stage and a lot more expensive. Thinking of all this actually reminds me of the song ‘How Many Drinks’ by Miguel. Miguel starts of by expressing how he really doesn’t want to leave the club empty ended- “How many drinks would it take you to leave with me? Yeah, you look good and I got money, but I don’t want to waste my time”. I’m still finding it difficult to allow myself to accept that buying a girl a drink and paying for sex is the same thing. However, I cannot ignore how both practices are so similar. There’s no doubt many would be hugely offended by this perspective and also reveals a worrying insight of how many young males view women.  Is buying a drinks really the same as paying for sex? I leave this one for you to come to your own conclusion to as I for one really don’t know what to think!

One thought on “Buying a drink or Paying for sex?

  1. May Allah protect the ummah and its girls from becoming such cheap women and may Allah bless every muslim girl with a righteous husband.
    That is why we need “moderate” patriarchy to protect muslim girls from becoming drown into zina.
    May Allah enable muslim men to take responsibility to protect their daughters and sisters and protect those men from becoming duyuth.


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