And So It Begins.

It’s been two days since Paris was once again so brutally attacked and unfortunately once again innocent civilians suffered. At least 128 people were killed in one night after gunmen reported to be members of ISIS erupted into the Bataclan concert hall, people were also shot dead at restaurants and bars along site.  Paris was wounded by a similar attack in early January when ISIS members murdered 18 people working for the magazine Charlie Hebdo. It’s been a dreadful weekend for Parisians and a massive alert for European governments. The attacks have once again caused rage, anger and bitterness amongst the public. The newspapers are bombarded with words such as “Islam”, “Islamist”, “Terrorist” “Qur’an”, “Refugees” and “Muslims”. All of these words which have been linked to this cold blooded massacre all cause implications for moderate Muslims living in Europe. The Daily Mail published an article where author Michael Burleigh discusses that British Muslims are “not neutral bystanders” and “we are at war”. War? With who? Well after reading the article Burleigh categorises every British Muslim to be a threat and puts us all in one box.  There’s no doubt the attacks have left a hostility and resentment and with articles like the Daily Mail adding fire to the fuel, I fear it’s all about to burst. Societies are being tested, community cohesion is being tested. Groups like ISIS come and go causing destruction and chaos, leaving normal moderate Muslims to pick up the pieces.

It’s going to be a bitter reality for refugees fleeing from war when they will receive nothing but frosty welcomes when entering the land of Europe. People are urging for borders to be closed for refugees as they fear more attacks could happen. The inhumane acts of ISIS have made it harder for refugees from Syria to be seen as decent human beings.  It feels like we’re sinking, these groups have chucked us in deep water, the media has taken away the rope to climb, and our voices are drowning. When we say “we want peace not war” no one hears us. They believe Muslims are not condemning ISIS, but they’re not listening at all, it’s not that we’re not condemning ISIS, it’s because you are not listening to Muslims. A Muslim and ISIS member is not the same thing. It’s world apart ideology. I’m tired to have to keep explaining myself, I’m tired of made to feel ashamed about something that is completely out of my hands. The media barks at Muslims, says we have to do more but when have you ever seen an article in favour of Muslims? Or any of these authors how many are Muslims? Has the media allowed us to even be heard? Are we given a platform to loudly condemn radical groups? The answer to all these questions is a NO. So that’s the issue, how can there be a solution when no one wants to co-operate.

We don’t expect every Christian to take responsibility for attacks and shootings carried out by radical Christians. Or we don’t expect every White Christian to apologise for the KKK. So where do these double standards come from when it comes to everyone else? Everyone is responsible for their own actions, it’s not logical to blame billions of people who follow the same movement for a crime that a minority out of the billions did. As for condemning if the government cannot protect the public from the gunfire how do they expect normal Muslims to protect the public? Sure, we can speak and educate those who are passive to false teachings, however is there really much more we can do than that? Some may think all Muslims are the same, but if that’s the case then why is groups like ISIS raping, lynching and looting other Muslims?

It’s silly to assume that we’re all evil, if that was the case then since there’s about a billion or so who follow Islam, surely the human race would be pretty much extinct. This all logical, it’s simply adding numbers, majority against the minority.  These words may be nothing but garbage to some, people prefer ignorance to truth.  Now I’m not here to say “feel sorry for the poor Muslims” and I’m not here to take the attention away from those who have been hurt in Paris. I just want people to remember to not paint all of us with the same brush. Sometimes it’s hard to stay sane with media frenzy constantly dehumanising certain races and religions. We sometimes allow bitterness to eat us and we forget good still exists. As humans who have the intellectual abilities to love, care and show compassion I urge everyone to show kindness to each other, especially in this sensitive and miserable time.





5 thoughts on “And So It Begins.

  1. Assalamu aleikum dear! Long time! I was wondering who (between you and Saadia Haq) would post on this issue first 😉 in a good way too. Anyways, non-Muslims who are blaming Muslims need to come to their senses. Why do we have to apologize for bad apples in the ummah? Are these anarchist Muslims? Yes. Are they good Muslims? NO! That’s what we all need to understand. Another thing…French, American, British, and ANY other capitalist nation’s (I haven’t mentioned) *Politicians* started this…Like I always say, every nation will pay for the crimes of its ancestors and now France no matter dear it is to me is now for past crimes its ancestors committed all over the world especially Africa by instigating civil and tribal wars over natural resources they were after. #Prayingforthewholeworld!

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    1. Salam sis! Haha you know us to well 🙂 jokes aside I completely understand what you are saying. However, unfortunately the world forgets that every country has a past, that every country contains evil. Now it’s just “blame the Muslims” attitude. The last thing we needed was another terrorist attack, especially with the refugee crisis. It’s a deep deep shame for everyone, everytime only the innocent end up suffering. And thank you for taking time to read. I hope you’ve been well 🙂

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