Unconventional Beauty: Own it!

We all have endured that annoying Aunty, cousin, friend, colleague that just is too damn sensitive about our “flaws” (which society has defined of course) what I mean here is, you’re having a conversation you’re pretty confident and feel ok about yourself. You even accept and kinda like that flaw that most people wouldn’t.

For example,

You: “yeah I have loads of freckles”

Sensitive friend: “Oh no their fine!”

You: “Hmm but I think I like them”

Sensitive friend: “What? Don’t say that you’re so pretty, don’t be lame to yourself (annoying laugh)”

You: “It’s different”

Sensitive friend: “No seriously don’t be so hard on yourself, your stunning ok”

You: Erm ok.. Thanks”.

So we can apply the subject of this conversation to be about almost anything.  It’s when you’re actually ok with your features but other people who don’t personally find them attractive are “trying to make you feel better about them”.  It’s so strange how it works right?! We’re scrutinised for being too fat, skinny, dark, short, and tall and even when we try to own our “flaws” we’re scrutinised for that too!  These kind of conversations I always find myself to be on a completely different wave length to other person. It’s almost the other person is subconsciously saying “look I don’t like this about you” even though they may be genuinely “trying to make you feel better”. It’s amusing but irritating at the same time.

Owning flaws is a lot harder when others won’t allow you to do so. And if you do then you’re almost deemed as delusional for liking such an ugly thing. We’re constantly told what we need to “work on”, constantly our minds are conspiring how we can better ourselves, which make-up brand to invest hundreds in? Which teatox regime to go for? The corporations profit millions off a young girl’s insecurity. Just go to the cosmetic stores, there’s an aisle which sells products for every body part. We get immune to this and hardly question the advertisement we’re subconsciously soaking in. If we just allow ourselves to stop for one minute and see that these stores are circuses. And we? We’re the clowns painting our faces to show the world our plastered smiles. Trying to convince ourselves this product will make me feel confident, it will make me feel pretty, it will make me feel good. What good has it really done though?

Told you, there's always something. This 1920 advert proves it!
Told you, there’s always something. This 1920 advert proves it!

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