If You Ain’t White, You Ain’t Right

A while ago I wrote a post about Katie Hopkin’s diabolical article based on he describing immigrants as “cockroaches” and a few other pro-Nazi verses she dropped in that article. Today the Daily Mail revealed Hopkins is now being investigating by the Metropolitan police as they found the article to promote xenophobic and racist comments.. But then again it didn’t really take a genius or at least a special force unit to figure that one out. The question is why on earth is the British government even allowing newspapers to publish such worryingly racist articles?!  

So is this how dehumanised the media feels towards ethnic minorities that we are now referred to as “cockroaches”? The fact that such a article was published by one of Britain’s most popular newspaper, unfortunately paints a painfully disturbing picture of the UK. It’s clear the way the UK media feels towards migrants and ethnic minorities in general. I personally feel saddened by the media’s attitude towards people like me, it’s pretty much “If you ain’t White, you ain’t right”. Allowing this sort of xenophobic “free speech” seriously creates a ‘them vs us’ barrier where the media is constantly doing everything in its power to block migrants out. It’s almost like the media is metaphorically shutting out migrants, Infecting the publics mind with negative assumptions. There’s the border force trying they’re best to keep migrants out and we also have the British media playing a key factor.  
                                                                            Hopkins takes pride in never apologising for anything but admits in hindsight she would have left a few words out (cause that would do so much justice right) the bigot writer claims her intention was to find a solution to the migrant crisis and not to sound like Hitler’s groupie. Epic fail! Also epic lie. I’m not sure why celebrity figures like Hopkin’s even try to deny their real intention. It’s pretty apparent they way they feel from their way of writing. The sad thing is injustice like this just implies how there’s not really been much progression. Attitudes and ideologies are still the same. This is not the first time newspapers have published such bigotry racially offensive bullshit. It’s a way of marginalising migrants to the very edge of society and then label us as “hostile” or “disrespectful” for when we refuse to bow down to such unfair polices and practices. I am completely sceptical of mainstream news channels and always will remain this way. Mainstream news companies think it’s okay to dehumanise a being based on what skin colour or nationality they are. It’s about time we got more conscious and every time we see a falsified article we should make noise about it.  

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