White Privileges: Charleston Shooting

The Charleston Shooting has been dominating social media and international news. No doubt the recent heart-breaking shooting has rightfully urged a powerful uproar. Dylann Roof responsible for murdering 9 Black African Americans in South Carolina church Wednesday night.

ABC news interviewed a friend of the inhumane murderer. Tyler, Roof’s friend who knew him for 7 months stated “He was big into segregation and other stuff” “He wanted to start a civil war”.

So it’s pretty clear to see the motive behind Roof’s plan. However, we now await to watch the media circus defend and make excuses for Roof. US Daily Mail have already come out with the petty headline addressing how Roof’s father was abusive towards him, Fox news has dropped the “it’s not about race” card, The Daily Beast news described Roof to be “as quiet and soft-spoken” and People Magazine have published an article addressing that Roof’s sister has cancelled her wedding due to the wake of Charleston shooting.

The media and government have really shot themselves in the foot this time. If there was any doubt about White privilege existing or not before, the media and government have sure ensured that yes White privilege does indeed exist.

The police handled a mass murderer more gently than an unarmed Black teenager at a pool party and more gently than a Black male chocked to death for selling cigarettes. Roof was given a bullet proof vest and was not even handcuffed. Do I even need to say it? Imagine if Roof was a Black American or an Arab Muslim! The media would have a field day. Roof wanted to show the world what an icon he is, hence allowing a victim to live. However, the only thing Roof has caused is anger and resilience. People have had enough of this appalling White supremacy circus.

Barak Obama claimed the biggest threat to America is terrorists. But little did he know, the biggest threat to his country is his own police force and his own media. According to a count By New America since 911, 26 people have been killed in jihadist terrorist attacks In USA. However, extreme right-wing racist militants have killed 48 civilians. Most of these attacks have been described as racially motivated hate crimes including the Charleston shooting. However institutions still fail to recognise these attacks as terrorist attacks. Roof has not been addressed as an extremist or terrorist. He has neither been address as a thug or been criticised for the way he dresses, unlike deceased Trayvonn Martin. Please do not tell me White privilege is not real. It’s very real and a huge slap in the face for us ethnic minority folk.

Moreover, it should not take for 9 innocent people to be murdered in a church for us to finally wake up and defend our ancestry.


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