Obliterating The Taboo-Muslim Women & Sexuality Part II

Brilliantly and boldly written. Please read and share.

The Human Lens

Being a Pakistani Muslim feminist, I have no problems is discussing Muslim women and their sexuality, yet realistically speaking I am obstructed in doing so by standards and stereotypes that have set for “Muslim women.” My co-author for this series, the spirited British Pakistani Muslimah, Hajra Khan has covered the matters of being a practicing Muslim women in the west very well in part I, highly recommended for readers.

At length, she demystifies how western standards affect the Muslim women living in Europe and elsewhere white world where ludicrous groups like FEMEN decide to become dictatorial mouthpiece for the Muslim women. Previously I have written on this matter too and I like to call this the “Saving Muslim Women Syndrome” that 99 out of 100 westerners suffer from. Be it in their geographical setting or a so-called third world country like Pakistan, for instance take an example of myself…

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2 thoughts on “Obliterating The Taboo-Muslim Women & Sexuality Part II

  1. Thanks for giving this space at your blog site too, may I reblog your’s?
    Btw: I sent an email to you and feel free to respond whenever convenient!


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