Racist Radical Journalists.

Katie Hopkins is infamously known for her provocative, discriminatory and offensive The Sun column. Recently the newspaper published a column by Hopkins on the matter of immigrations just 48 hours before the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean, where Hopkins referred to migrants as “a plague of feral humans” and perhaps one of her most disturbing statement yet “Rescue boats? I’d use gunships to stop migrants” This was The Sun‘s headline too. Hopkins also expressed how she perceives migrants “These migrants are like cockroaches”. The hate preacher applauded Australia’s approach to migrants on boats “They threaten them with violence until they bugger off, throwing cans of Castlemaine in an Aussie version of sharia stoning”. This is just a small insight of Hopkin’s column.

Many left shocked by the newspaper’s decision to even publish such filth. Her column outraged social media where millions tweeted they’re disgust to both Hopkins and her cheerleader The Sun. Furthermore, other mainstream newspapers such as The Guardian showed their disapproval by publishing articles against Hopkins and The Sun’s new low.  We know Hopkins for being a reality TV hungry whore, first The Apprentice then Celebrity Big Brother and let’s be honest anyone who features on CBB is clearly either fame hungry or financially hungry. Besides the reality TV shows, there’s also her twitter and her The Sun column which too gets a lot of attention and for Hopkins any attention is good. So this massive outrage she has just caused, must be rewarding feeling at the amount of negative publicity she’s been getting.  Being offensive is her brand, it makes her relevant. However, surely this is hate speech? Many even reported her column to the Metropolitan police for igniting racial tension and hatred.  Free speech in the UK allows people like Hopkins and The Sun to publish just about anything they want without facing legal punishment.

But imagine if the tables were turned, imagine if Hopkins was a brown Muslim man with a beard. Imagine if this column instead of targeting Middle Eastern and African migrants, targeted Western migrants instead. The writer would immediately be dubbed as a “Radical Muslim” or “Hate preacher”. He would quite possibly even face legal punishment which would possibly link to terrorist laws. So why has Hopkins not been dubbed as a “hate preacher”? When that is indeed exactly what she is? Some newspapers have described her writing style to resemble the Nazi’s, so then why on earth is Hopkins even given a platform to be heard? What makes it ok for a blonde hair blue eyed hate preacher to get away with her crime?

Hopkins is a threat to society, she ignites hate and promotes radical Nazism thinking.  By labelling migrants as “Cockroaches” she dehumanises and suggests one just has to step on them in order to remove them.  Urging that migrants should be stopped by “Gunships” only implies how radical and dangerous her writing is. Hopkins talks about using weapons to stop migrants entering the UK, how can this not be seen as a violent threat? It is fair to say that The Sun every day is becoming more and more defamed and is not a friend of social media which has a huge influence on the media and society. Thousands have petitioned to get Hopkins sacked and arrested. One positive outcome from Hopkins bizarre pro-Nazi column is that it is has indeed been a huge backlash for her as thousands have raised over £30,000 to aid relief efforts towards the dreadful boating tragedy. Not all hope is lost. Many have argued that people like Hopkins need attention just as they need oxygen to breath so it’s best to ignore her. However, by ignoring Hopkins and especially her recent column we would only be normalising extreme racial hatred. We must not allow people to become numb to racial abuse, therefore it is vital we argue back that we too get heard. People like Hopkins only add fuel to the fire and talk about something they have absolutely no clue about.

Hopkins also caused controversy when she made a statement claiming that she will leave the country if Labour party wins in the UK elections. Now if labour does win the election I wonder if Hopkins will stay true to her words? But also, what a hypocrite she is being as she will then be migrating to someone else’s country. People like Hopkins who are so anti-migrant should not be allowed to travel anywhere outside of Europe and since she believes migrants are using up valuable British tools, she should also not be allowed to use any tool that is not British. Therefore, for starters driving a car and wearing clothes which are not produced in Britain should not be available to her as it would be belittling her British pride. I’m sick of empowered individuals form the empowered race thinking they are defending “British heritage and culture” when their entire life they have been so depended on tools outsourced by foreign countries like oil! Enough of this hypocrisy, stop degrading migrants whose land you stole from to feed your own children. Its time humans began to feel compassionate again and stop being so selfish.






One thought on “Racist Radical Journalists.

  1. Seriously no words to express my disgust at such crappy standards that are being allowed in global media, but because the lady reporter is whites so all is well in EUROPEAN land and justified under freedom of media and expression. Lets shot down those brown writers that dare to object on this… Face palms :/


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