Brown Fetish. (short post)

One thing I’m never short of in my sorry life is White British women complimenting my skin colour and moaning how pale theirs is.  Now the passive me would just take this as a compliment and then brag to friends and family that I have been accepted by a White person because clearly in my culture white supremacy is never short of either. Fortunately, I do not function like that, to some people’s regret. I am actually rather intrigued by this whole “brown Fetish” concept that’s becoming more prominent. I even typed “Brown Fetish” on Google, the first thing that appeared was obviously creepy pornos but luckily I stumbled across some great blog posts which have already touched on the matter.

Many White people who innocently say “I wish I was brown” don’t really understand what being brown means. Being brown for some is just a trend. The Western media has so deeply glorified this nonsensical idea of brown linking to being exotic linking to being sexy. I’m guessing this was done by some idiotic male. Not just specifically with South Asian people but anyone who is brown, I’ve heard women gush over mixed race men or Spanish men due to they’re skin tone. Being mixed race means you’re not too dark and not too fair. It’s the perfect combination for some.  When I get complimented on my skin tone by my White peers I just wonder to myself, does she really want to be brown as in put up with the racism, prejudice and discrimination I face or does she just want to be brown as in the “hot brown”? Do they really know what being “brown” means?

The fact that people base their attraction on identifying ones skin tone/ethnicity is very degrading as it takes away ones individuality. It’s also interesting to note how I a brown person would be viewed if I commented on an White female’s skin and gushed over it. Imagine if I said “Omg I wish I was your colour, I’m so dark right now, need some lighting cream ASAP” I would be scrutinised amongst peers from my own ethnic minority for not being proud of my race. I would probably be viewed as a traitor and pathetic, if I publically made that statement.  So why is it different towards White people? Why do some of us take it as compliment when they innocently say they want to be our colour? Is it because we are finally being accepted or because we have been complimented by someone from the superior race which really means everything?

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