Farkhunda, Female, 27 years old, Afghan and Murdered.

Farkhunda, female, 27 years old, Afghan and murdered. Farkhunda was lynched to death by a group of men outside the Mosque where she worked last week. Her alleged crime that angered these men was that she had burned verses from the Qur’an. Her father and family members have denied this claim. The attack on this dear sister may she rest in peace was triggered by a Mullah who shouted that she had burned pages from the Qur’an, igniting chaos amongst the men. Farkhunda, was beaten and pulled of a roof when she tried to escape. She was assaulted with wooden planks and ran over a car, which finally let to her body being burned. This ordeal lasted an hour. Only the lord knows how much pain our sister endured before reaching her final fate. The police, made a claim that Farkhunda suffered from a mental illness which is why she allegedly burned the verses. Once again this claim was also denied by family members. The woman’s father made a statement on Monday “if there was no attention from the media, my family’s life would be in danger”. Family members had also expressed how Farkhunda kept herself to herself but was not ill. She had memorised the Qur’an, graduated from high school and was interested in maths.

Protests have been rightfully taking place over the past week. Protestors have been wearing Farkhunda’s bloody face as a mask and a tree was also decorated with the bloody face mask. Farkhunda’s tragic murder has shown us once again how powerful Mullahs are. We have no idea, why the Mullah lied against Farkhunda, according to the Daily Mail (unreliable source, I know) Farkhunda spoke out against the Mullah and his superstitious beliefs. None of the men even questioned the mullah’s validity, they just pounced on Farkhunda and ripped the life out of her. When I read about these barbaric cases happening in Afghanistan, I wonder to myself is there any future at all for the females of Afghanistan? Surely, the female population must be reducing due to so many being killed every day.

I am writing this to get word out, the news over has only started to release this story 18 hours ago. Even though, the murder is a week old now. The killing has undermined the little trust in the police. Phone recording gave evidence that some police members stood by and watched the attack take place. President, Ashraf Ghani told reporters on Saturday that Afghan police officers lack the ability to uphold the civilian law and order because they are preoccupied with fighting war. Ghani also stated, “The heinous attack has no place in a country like ours, we are not going to allow mob justice”. Ghani’s words mean nothing. This is not a new case, many similar cases female activists are fighting with and raising awareness, when it should indeed be the government’s responsibility. I’m pretty sure Ghani is sweating it due to the intense outrage and media pressure, he has already made an excuse for police officers.

Such a load of bull these presidents, mullahs and police officers preach. How on earth can such a brutal attack happen? How much suppressed anger do the men who took part have inside them that without a second of thinking they just attacked? Would’ve they reacted the same way if it was a man being accused? Another wake up call for Afghanistan but will be enough to actually spark change? The men who commit such barbaric crimes are hardly going to change, but the authority can. The law can be implemented on those who commit such crimes, for them to be punished greatly without a question. Since they do commit crime without a question so it’s only right of the law to return the favour.

This is not the Taliban or the Islamic state, this a group of ordinary men. Ordinary people. What can be done to teach men not hurt women? Not to mention the hypocrisy, they killed Farkhunda unjustly in front of a mosque. What Qur’an are the mullahs teaching the men of Afghanistan? I sometimes wonder do these Mullahs just skip the chapter ‘An-Nisa’ in the Qur’an, the fourth chapter with 176 verses which is dedicated to protect and give rights to women. Are the men even aware that such a chapter exits, that this religion that they so wrongly follow is not made only for them. I can’t even comprehend how one can inflict so much pain on somebody they dint even know.

Is it really anger or just jumping on the bandwagon? Does the Afghani man be shamed by his male peers if he does not help them torture a woman? I am just trying to understand the mind frames these men. There is good and bad in every country, not every Afghani man is evil and not every British man in chivalrous. I try my best not to focus too much on the race issue when it comes to patriarchy because like I’ve said before patriarchy is embedded within the system. It has no borders. However, some patriarchs are way more extreme than others and the country is the main factor to why. There is no doubt, that patriarchy is more extreme in southern, Central Eastern Asia. But at the same time, when I read about cases like Farkhunda, it doesn’t seem right to just blame on patriarchy. This is so much more than just men oppressing. This is extreme violence, this is gendercide and this is femicide. Cases like this only prove how this is so much more than just patriarchy. I hope this case is strong enough to enforce more powerful laws in protecting women and I hope the decent mullahs do as much to speak against this, use their power for good use, use their religion as a source of bringing peace and not using it as a tool for their own selfish and evil gains as so many have done and are doing.

Here a link for the clip, I am only sharing this as I feel we should not turn a blind eye just because it makes us feel uneasy.






16 thoughts on “Farkhunda, Female, 27 years old, Afghan and Murdered.

    1. I was shocked too, to be honest even I had no words to say. I was way too taken back to right a deep in depth post about this case, but I guess the inner stronger me kicked in. Thank you for the read and sharing this on your Twitter, the more exposure the better! I hope your wish gets completed for all of our sakes.

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      1. I’m not sure if you watched the clip on Daily Mail, some of them were cheering. I really don’t think these men have any kind of shame or humanity in them. How can people be so evil?!


  1. This is so hard to contemplate, but it seems like it happens every day, over and over, in many different places. A few months ago a young couple with 4 children (one was on the way) were pulled through the roof out of a room in the factory where they worked. Their legs were broken, they were towed behind a tractor, and then set on fire because an announcement was made from a mosque that the woman had burned some Qu’ran verses. According to her family, she had been cleaning her house and burning the refuse. She was illiterate, so she was not able to read anything that she burnt. Now their 3 children are without their parents. It is crushing to know of such vile events. I’m going to write about this, too. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Wow how terrible, whoever the culprits are they make sure the victim feels pain they inflict. It’s such hypocrisy first of all. Those poor children have the further ordeal of knowing how they’re parents were killed. Thank you for reading, I’m glad people are showing interest 🙂

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      1. Ah yes, that is the story that i also heard. i just wanted to know if others heard the same. May Allah blesses this beautiful (inside&outside) woman and gives her the best place in Al firdaus. Amin

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