Go Back Home!

Many first and second generation migrants, especially those of South Asian, Middle Eastern or African and Afro Caribbean roots are way too familiar with that welcoming expression that British thugs like to wail out whilst usually drunk. They certainly don’t leave any exceptions for me. It was a fine Sunday afternoon until me and my chum were approached by  an older White male, he looked to be homeless and had a beer can in his hands.  The exact words that were thrown at us were “Can you just fuck off home” and then followed by “Piss off”. Charming eh? Luckily me and my buddy share a great sense of humour and simply laughed it off and both mocked the elderly gentlemen’s timing as it took him forever to get the words out (as he was drunk)!

Being racially discriminated indeed isn’t a laughing matter, but it is something I am now way to familiar with. I mean I have had it all from racial discriminatory slurs, the random swearing and shout offs and to the strange sexual gesture made by mostly White males.  There was a time, where I used to feel intimidated by these individuals and threatened. But now I think well heck if they beat me up for having brown skin then they’ll get arrested and I’ll get compensation of some sort and probably make the local papers.  Also, I am better than them. I really am, we all are. These racist thugs are foul and ugly. Even having a discussion with them, would be a waste of time as they do not have the thinking capacity to spark an intellectual debate, therefore that disadvantage usually results in “Go back home you Paki” which doesn’t stimulate any logical discussion.

However, one thing that my mind begins to ponder over whenever I get racially discriminated is school, teachers and what they teach us. School taught me to show respect to everyone. However, school has failed to be real with me. People like me should have been taught our reality and what we should expect from our society. Alongside, the good values we get taught, the teachers should be real with us and just say “You need to show respect to everyone from all backgrounds, however if you’re from an ethnic minority yourself, please don’t expect any of this back”. Because really, that is the sad truth. We should also get taught that those who have brown skin can be seen as problematic and may bother some members of the public which may result in hostility. So, please be prepared when you leave school and go out there, do not expect any kindness from strangers. It does not exist for the brown person. However, the brown person must show all characteristics of a kind, polite and courteous person. If they don’t, then society will get annoyed of their presence and the media will create ethnic moral panics and the politicians will see the easy way out by blaming migrants for their issues and failing to take any responsibility.  So for the brown person reading, I advise you to please be kind, do not argue when they scream at you to “go back home”, they do not understand that for you there is no home. It is broken, so you seek refuge in the country that stole from your home, which caused your home to be broken.

Being a kind member of public is what I am, alongside the many people out there regardless of what race I am or they are. I have never screamed back at the racist, I have never screamed back “I have no home, as the British Empire came over, destroyed, stole and then left my ancestors to pick up the pieces”  I wonder, what would happen if I did hit back with this line? Would they finally stop and just leave me alone or would they ignore and carry on? Since this isn’t a Nicholas Sparks novel, I’m guessing it would be the second option. It’s a shame really, there’s more shame that the racists are so out of touch with reality. When they tell us to go home, they aren’t even aware of what they’re ancestors did to our home. If they really want us to go back home, then maybe they should also discuss with the British government to stop sending their troops out and bombing our schools and hospitals and then brushing it off as “collateral damage” and remaining silent,  maybe they should also despise the British government for being a helping hand for African slavery, as if that did not exist then so many brown people would not even touch British soil. We would indeed, remain in our homes feeling safe and proud.

5 thoughts on “Go Back Home!

  1. Outrageous and really disturbing to hear that this happened to you. I am so sorry really but am very glad that you are channeling your energy in voicing out issues that POC and in this matter Women of Color such as yourself are facing in so called democratic UK.
    Unfortunately many racists are quite in touch with reality and they will give you all sort of logical reasons as why their kind needs to destroy and annihilate our kind, according to them we are the pollution on this earth and need to be dealt with in that matter.
    I also hope that you are ok now?

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    1. Yes that’s true so bizarre the amount of reasons they do come up with, however, the less educated racists (that irony made me giggle) have no idea about colonisation, perhaps this is down to education. Either way, it is really is getting ridiculous now. The hypocrisy is what bothers me the most and also how dare they! Yes I’m good thanks, to be fair Saadiah I really don’t get bothered as much as before. Now it’s more amusing as its embarrassing for them. It’s just a shame that school and governments fail to preach the reality of a brown person. We do not fall into the same treatment as the White person.

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      1. Yes,I also have the same issue and cannot understand the hypocrisy meted out to colored races, its like we are an appendage for white race. I am glad you are taking this in your stride, lol. Its also a sign that you are growing more stronger with time and praise be to Allah and you are inspiring many people out there. Keep shining!!!

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      2. Thanks sis! And yes appendage, that me laugh, cause that’s sure how they treat us! Even though, I never fight back, that its not a sign of weakness. Its better to just stimulate the anger into a great writing piece that will hopefully appeal to anyone out there 🙂

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      3. exactly, why waste time on losers when you can channel it into your writing!!! 🙂 which you do very well in any case!

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