Hollywood’s Muslim Issue, American Sniper and A Few Dead bodies

The Human Lens

Before I start off, let me make it clear that this is a non apologetic piece. It comes at a time when Muslim Ummah across the world are struck with grief and anger over the blatant killing of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. And guess what, three innocent young lives ended abruptly and hardly any noise in the international media or the usual western hysteria.

This incident happened at a proportionally bad time for global Muslim community that face the consequences of the recent anti-Islam wave after Charlie Hedbo fiasco, German Pegida movement and release of Hollywood’s American Hero that drives home the message that it’s totally ok to kill Muslim women and kids, in fact its American war heroics at its best.

Don’t you wonder at the connection here? On one side there is multi grosser American Sniper, a Hollywood production and lest it be…

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