#ChapelHillShooting Thank you Twitter.

The slow and petty media coverage on the Chapel Hill shooting massively implies that Muslim victims are not much worth of a read. Instead it’s the Muslim offenders that keeps papers selling.  The lack of coverage shows us just how much the West has dehumanised Muslims. Thank god for Twitter, otherwise I would have never known about the shooting. The people of Twitter expressing their concern over how biased the media is and how biased the West is in general. If you are not aware of what the #ChapelHillShooting please visit http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/chapel-hill-shooting-the-latest-act-of-terror-has-just-been-committed-in-america-but-the-media-has-ignored-it-because-the-victims-were-muslim-10038624.html

If you are aware, then you are probably aware of CNN news now assuming the shooting happened over a parking dispute. *Sighs* it’s funny when it’s a Muslim victim, his/her religion has nothing to do with the crime. But when it’s a Muslim offender his/her religion has affiliated the crime.  The only reason why the media has now made an effort to release more articles on the shooting is indeed due to Twitter’s outrage. The people took it into their hands to get word out as we all know the media doesn’t like to show Muslims in the victim light.

In all honesty, I am now just waiting for CNN news to release a breaking headline expressing the mass murderer’s “mental illness” as they do so well, whenever it comes to any White offender. The murderer is a radicalised atheist, yes this term sounds odd as of course words like “Terrorist” and “Radicalised” are only to interpret Muslim offenders. Also Richard Dawkins demanded an apology of every Muslim for crimes committed by “radicalists”. Well, now the tables have turned, we have a White American atheist who shot 3 young Muslim students. Therefore, I now demand an apology from Dawkins too as it is only fair and of course I am only following Dawkins logic.

Another, interesting thing to see is how people are claiming that religion has nothing to do with this mass murder. Now to those who live in a bubble somewhere in Disney Land I ask, imagine the roles reversed. Imagine, a Muslim American man who shoots 3 White American atheists. Would you still be preaching the same bullshit? Or nah?

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25 thoughts on “#ChapelHillShooting Thank you Twitter.

    1. It drives me nuts! Therefore I rely on independent sources being submitted through platforms like Twitter. I have a feeling I know how this specific incident will go. The media will either identity the cause as a “parking dispute” or identify the perpetrator as suffering from a “mental illness”. I guess it’s just White supremacists looking out for other fellow White supremacists.

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    2. They have less space for news if its non Muslims offenders, and we need to just just ponder and go silent when they can portray people like the “American Sniper” as the greatest American hero ever lived on this planet. IRAQ WAR was horrifying and I know this because I was reporting on the front line then, and to make stupid Hollywood movies like “American Sniper to turn a racial genocide and complicated moral morass and mass-bloodshed of the Iraq occupation into a black and white fairy tale, without presenting the historical context is only possible in WILD WILD WILD America.

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      1. Damn right! However I hope people make enough noise to damage these news cooperations and these film cooperations reputation. On Twitter #ChapelHillShooting is trending. 1.3 million people so far have tweeted about this event. I haven’t seen American Sniper yet and in all honesty I am hesitant too. I know it will make me angry and restless. I wish Americans would just stop with these war movies. Most of the time they haven’t a clue what their talking about and it very much wrongly glorifies war.

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  1. Thank goodness for the internet! I haven’t even heard about this yet. The media here has become entirely self-serving–it’s hard to find out the truth about anything. What a terrible event, and such a waste of three wonderful lives. I’m heart broken.

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    1. Honestly neither would have I if it wasn’t for the internet too. The media won’t be making too much fuss about this unfortunate event as it doesn’t feed their agenda. It’s sad loss, the couple just got married a month ago and spent personal time engaging in charity events. I read the male victims tweets, he had such wonderful thoughts. It’s truly a shame that the lives of these 3 people with infinite potential were taken. I hope people learn that two wrongs do not make a right. Whether, you’re a radicalised Muslim or radicalised atheist, you just give a bad name to both movements.

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  2. News agencies are picking up the hate crime narrative. It’s CNN’s front page now.

    If only we could just all agree that killing is never a good way to resolve anything, and then hold to that.


    1. Yes they are also 15 or 20 hours slower. Just imagine if the roles reversed. there would be a international outcry. There would be marches, protests and minutes of silence. I guess all this has really showed us how being a certain faith means you are deemed as less of a significance. I’ve even see people say well its the victims fault for “following the same faith” as groups SIS and the Taliban . I couldn’t agree more with your last sentence!

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      1. You remember my Open Letter on Charlie Hedbo affair? So much hysteria and tears then, but not one ounce of sympathy or grief on the mass murder campaigns of war on terror, drone fare and western war mongering. So off course they would down play it and not provide it attention.

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      1. Thank you for the Post.Great Work.
        In these days all brothers and sisters schould stand together.I rebloggt antother good Post.May you wanna take a look and reblogg it too.

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  3. Good on you to write as it should have been written. I am very sad for the lost souls, RIP and may this serve as a reminder for us to use our right of pen to inform people and spread the word around! The saddest thing is that HATE has won and HUMANITY has lost in all this you versus me nonsense going around this planet.
    Did you see this? very interesting perspective at .. http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2015/02/chapel-hill-shooting-western-media-bigotry-150211083909613.html

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    1. I’ll have a look at the link, once I get home. What bothered me was also seeing some peoples reaction this event. Many were trying to brush it off, ignore the seriousness of it. say this crime has nothing to do with the religion. The father of one of the victims also revealed, this was indeed a hate crime. The offender was the married couples neighbor. The father recalled his daughter telling him how the neighbors hates them for their faith. I may do a post about this to with further evidence. But right, now I’m feeling very distraught. The deaths were bad enough but to see how people just don’t give damn about Muslim lives is even more difficult.

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  4. Sure its left every one shaken for sure, what a tragedy to end such potentially great souls, but lest be said that today some great creations of Allah have returned home. The double standards are appalling and its also funny to see that none of the world leaders nor western human rights activists, visionaries etc etc are condemning it or delivering apologies.
    While we are supposed to apologize if a Muslim owner’s kitty sneezes near a white western person or American in New York! This is something I will cover in my up coming post and I am going to also cite and credit this post of your’s within. Makes sense to join hands in the deserving campaign of #CHAPELHILLSHOOTING. What do you think?

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    1. Oh yes that;s very true and I very much doubt any Western leader especially have a word to say. When the Charlie Hebdo shooting happened Obama gave a public speech highlighting are horrible Terrorists are and what not. I don’t think Obama has the balls to come out once again and actually speak up for the Muslims that are indeed victims of this scapegoating. But of course, in his eyes and many others innocent Muslims being killed is just collateral damage. And of course, the more we stand together the better. We cannot let this story just die down!

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