Why Is The Media Making Such A Big Deal Of Michelle Obama Not Covering?

It seems like Mrs Obama’s trip to Saudi Arabia to greet the new king bought one main “controversy”  which was of course she did not cover. By cover I presume they mean hair right? As her dress attire seemed pretty modest in my opinion. Loose and long. However, people who are getting really upset by the fact the she didn’t cover clearly have no idea about the history of American First Ladies or American female political figures who have never covered they’re hair. It’s hardly fair that Michelle gets the blame now is it.

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She was criticised for not respecting Saudi tradition but also praised for making a bold statement by standing up for “women rights”.  Now both arguments here are flawed.  This perspective is entirely my own opinion, it will not be an Islamic lecture quoted from the Qur’an. Do I find Michelle Obama to be disrespecting Saudi traditions? Not really no. She was dressed conservatively and for a woman who is always seen wearing dresses that reveal some skin and shape I say her dress attire was a sign of respect and acknowledgment.  She was not in a Mosque nor was she greeting a scholar or an Imam and let’s face it the royal family are hardly pious saints themselves. Take it or leave, that’s my perspective.

Now the second argument which interests me more is how people particularly in the West were applauding Mrs Obama for not covering her hair as obviously that’s her “fighting for women rights”.  By women, these people mean us poor, weak and submissive Muslim women. *Sighs* I’m not sure when people of the West will understand but us covering our hair does not make us oppressed. We can easily reverse this logic that is forcibly pinned on us and say Western Women are oppressed because they have to wear heels and tight clothes in order to attract a man’s attention. Sounds harsh now that it’s from this point of view don’t it? The bottom line is patriarchy exists everywhere, not just in the Middle East. Instead of people having pointless discussions about the “oppression” they think Muslim women suffer, and speaking on our behalf, why can’t they just let us speak for ourselves? And when we do why can’t they just accept what we say?

Western “feminists” need to accept the reality and need to just stop trying to be our knight in shining heels! Many Muslim women wear the ‘Hijab’ as it is they’re choice. Why? Because faith is something that may be close to their hearts and abiding by it brings them a peace of mind and spiritual healing. Now don’t get me wrong yes there are many women who follow a certain faith, come from a certain race that may suffer from violence and abuse from the hands of men.  Some of these women may even be Muslim, these women probably despise the men who inflict pain on them but very rarely do they despise their faith. God and people are two separate entities. Many men use religion as tool to abuse and to gain control. Many men use culture to abuse and gain control. Many men use tradition to abuse and gain control. Please don’t for one second think these types of men only exist in the Middle East or Asian countries. Like I said patriarchy exists everywhere. Look at the UK for example; heck women are still getting paid less than men! http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/aug/19/gender-pay-gap-women-bosses-earn-35-percent-less-than-men

So you see it is illogical just to presume women from third world countries are/more oppressed. Oppression exists in many forms; some are more hidden than others. The same way with patriarchy, some forms of patriarchy are just more hidden. Let’s not be ignorant, judge and belittle women from ethnic minorities as clearly the way some White Western feminists behave, the issue is more about one’s class, ethnicity, nationality and religion oppose to one’s gender. In short, this whole post can be summarised as basically please don’t be stuck up 🙂

15 thoughts on “Why Is The Media Making Such A Big Deal Of Michelle Obama Not Covering?

  1. You have done it again, hip hip hurray! And all this western media obsession on Mrs. Obama uncovered also shows how the west continues to put Muslim world and its women into cardboard boxes that are basically objects.
    There is no such thing as western men are better then eastern and M.eastern/Asian men, this is just plain bigotry and am glad that you have called out this sort of nonsense perpetuated on a global scale.
    And frankly, I am bit fed up oft his hijab obsession growing like virus all over the world, I dont wear a hijab and I still am Muslim, I expect no one to be a jerk about this or act like an idiot over my sister who might be in a head scarf, all this worldly obsession for a piece of cloth, seriously?
    Off course west will love to go on that narrative, because it helps them to invade other countries on the pretext of saying “we are saving their women”… Pun intended.
    Great work and keep it up!!!!!

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    1. Haha why thank you! and tell me about, ever since her visit that’s all the media has been focusing on! Its ridiculous get over it. Those who wear hijab and those who don’t that only their business. I don’t have to explain why I have decided to wear a piece of cloth over my head and you don’t have to explain to people why you have decided not to wear a piece of cloth over your head. I don’t mind answering questions that show real interest, however most of the time it falls under “did your dad make you” Face Palm!

      The West needs to just get over women covering their hair or bodies, the West was pretty much the same in various centuries. It just chose to become more secularised. How is that our fault? lol

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      1. Exactly my point. And am so fed up of this did you dad make you… bakwas!!!! They don’t even hide their true colors, because how come you can go around saying such stuff to a women about her father????
        The west won’t be getting over this covering and uncovering of women’s bodies anytime soon, lol. This is their genetic make up please… have you forgotten how they went on all over the world to commit the genocide of heathen third worlds where native traditional clothing was for west, very nude, explicit or or sensual clothing. Lol. As if we all need to wear the western clothing because they said it is civilized. They wont ever be happy, please first we were uncovered … recall Oriental fantasies of west and now we are too covered… Hijab obsession!!!

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      2. That’ s indeed very true, so in that case I guess we will have just to live with this strange obsession people have. To be honest, when I get asked such a silly question I first do a confused wtf face and then just laugh! Now its all very amusing. I just take it my stride and should you when you get asked why don’t you and why does your sister! Believe me I can relate to that, I was the last of my 3 sisters to wear a hijab. It was same attitude given to me too. However, I am so glad I didn’t wear it just when they wore it. I only wore it for me, when I felt spiritually connected.

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      3. I know what you mean!!! and we continue to live on with this strange obsession, lol.
        I can just imagine your beautiful face with the wtf expression on it!!!!!

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  2. Great post sis! I hate to play the race card here but I will ;)… The fuss about her dressing ways started as soon as they step into the office; it’s all about the fact that she is black. The instigators behind “She didn’t cover ‘properly’ ” are just using Islam as smoke screen…

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    1. Thank to for reading! And yes that makes sense too, we can’t really rule that out as well no other First Lady or American party member is made a fuss about for not conforming to Saudi traditions. For some reason the media was having a field day over Mrs Obama!

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  3. someone told me if you too much sugar you will die, and if you dont eat sugar you will die. and if you dont want to die, just eat sugar that is just to live. i think the problem with west, and most of us, either we eat too much sugar or no sugar. and they we die. why people can’t get in their heads, it is about the personal choice, to cover or not to cover.

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    1. What a brilliant analogy! Especially when linking it to the West. It’s frustrating as many people refuse to acknowledge that is it personal choice for the majority. It’s almost as they want these women to be victims of abuse so they can go in there and save them. In return to inflate they’re egos.


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