More Blood Leaks, More Hearts Break.

I have nothing to say, the picture does all the speaking. It screams a thousand cries, pleas, curses and resilience.

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Shaimaa el-Sabagh was shot dead with birdshot in central Cairo on Saturday, security sources said, one day before the anniversary of the popular uprising that expelled autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

So who is Shaimaa?

A mother, a wife, a believer in equality and justice, a fighter and also a poet.

4 thoughts on “More Blood Leaks, More Hearts Break.

  1. Shaimaa el-Sabagh. RIP, in Jannah. Ameen.
    This also brings us to acknowledge the issues in most Muslim countries, where the political leaders and democracy are a fiasco. Ummah needs to correct it self, because such lunatics in power come as a punishment for us people’e doings. Unfortunately, the Tahrir Square revolution resulted in many negative catastrophes and at the heart of it, it is heart breaking to see the Egyptian people stuck in this horrifying nightmare. Post Mubarak fall, the new democratic government made many rulings and amendments that have affected their empowerment, and mobility.

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    1. My admiration goes to the people, like Shaimaa , the brave ones who wished to see a better future promised for their children. In this particular case, the police denied accusations and insist they only used fire crackers! The government needs to at least give its civilians a dignified death.

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