Open Letter On Charlie Hedbo Affair

My final thought. The human lens blog has done it again. Made me and I’m sure others think deeper into this matter.

The Human Lens

So. Let it be said, that writing this has been very painful indeed, it’s going to be my last post on the said topic of Chalie Hedbo issue. Please rest assured that this letter is not seeking any approvals and applause from the non-Muslim world or the Muslim lands.

The post event hysteria has made me realize that I cannot sit idle as the west finds its simplest explanations into the Charlie Hedbo fiasco. I resist this urge to compartmentalize this event into, another cross points either you are Je Suis Charlie or plain violent Muslims. And honestly, how can we even think along such lines, anyways?

Obviously, I am not Charlie Hedbo. So does that make me less valuable as a journalist and as a human being?

Yes, it does. Because I am a Pakistan writer based in south part of the country. Like countless others within my…

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One thought on “Open Letter On Charlie Hedbo Affair

  1. Thank you for the reblog, I guess I posted a comment way long ago but it get get through, my bad!!!


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