Come on France We Said We’re Sorry.

7 thoughts on “Come on France We Said We’re Sorry.

    1. Exactly! Why is it different for Muslims. The worst thing about this article is, how the French government are taking their own bigotry views out on the kids. All those poor kids who went home hungry. Or felt confused as they weren’t really sure what to do in this situation. After all children get confused and worried easily. If we think like oh food doesn’t have to have anything to do with religion. Then we’re taking away these children’s basic right which is to be fed. It’s disgusting how they use secularism to justify this. This is indeed very sick.

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  1. Were we expecting any better then France whose glorified empire of tyranny in most parts of Africa and Asia?
    And what are we to expect from FRANCE? The country that went on exploiting and still is its colonies and bastardized them into dependents while depleting them from their resources. Without its colonies which is amazing that they still continue to keep natives enslaved into current colonies in today’s times, but are named in another way, google them please. Without Africa’s resources, France wouldn’t be this powerful that it is today. And there is huge racism and anti Muslim sentiment in that country, off course now they are excusing all nonsense in name of secularism. But that is the duplicity of EU on the whole.

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    1. That’s what bothers me the most hypocrisy, have they forgotten about their inhumane crimes? Enslaving a whole race. France should never forget their history. And I’m getting sick of this twisted stance they have on secularism. I guess it suggests that if everything was secularised then basic rights such as eating food would be taken away. Therefore, is secularism more bizarre and backwards then religion? They judge a religion based on its people alone. Well they haven’t considered how people may judge secularism based on their actions. This kind of secualarism they keep preaching makes them sound like neanderthals.

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