What The West Doesn’t Understand About Islamic Terrorism

What I am basically trying to say. Please read this and see the other perspective, the one that your 1 o’clock news conceals from you.


Let me start my article by paying respect to the victims of the Paris shooting and may they rest in peace. My heart truly goes out to their families. Charlie Hebdo used their right to freedom of speech. They may have used it for hate speech (some might argue with that), but they shouldn’t have been killed for simply talking. What happened in Paris is an act of terror, no doubt.

We all know what happens after a terror attack that was carried out by Muslims, and we also know what some westerners will say. “All Muslims are terrorists.” “Islam is the religion of terrorism” “Kick all Muslims out of the West.” etc… And of course, the media will rant about it forever.

What the west doesn’t understand is the victims of any terror attack are wider than the people who died. Unfortunately, they paid their lives as a price…

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