Mad World.

I’m just another mourner grieving the loss of those innocent little people with infinite potential.  You think to yourself how on earth anyone can just massacre masses of children in classrooms?! The fact they solely targeted children has now made it pretty clear to us that anyone involved with the Taliban lacks morals, soul, sanity and love. They had no shame about it this time. Nor did they use the favourite punch lines about how “The West will be punished” or how we should just “Hand over everything to Taliban, and bring back Islamic Law.” They’re completely and utterly insane. Hungry for power and thirsty for control. How dare they manipulate the teachings of my beautiful religion for their own benefit?

But let’s put religion aside just for a minute and let’s just discuss humanity first. Before the idea of a God existing there was just humans. Most of them following the moon and stars for spiritual guidance. Before the scriptures were revealed were humans as bad before? Or are we more immoral now? Being a Muslim, and from studying the scriptures I follow, I believe the Jahiliyyah (ignorance/pre Islamic) times was when people were at their worst. There weren’t many guidelines in what was wrong or right. For instance, women in the Jahiliyyah times were given extremely poor treatment. The birth of a baby girl was portrayed to be a curse and ultimately she was buried by misled and blinded fathers. It was truly a mad world, a very capitalist one too. Trading goods was the important factor in those dark days. The concept of love and faith was hazy. Sexual relationships were also at their peak in these dark days.  Brothels indicated by flags as signs, where a man would go and commit ‘zinah’ (fornication) with a woman of his choosing, a woman would invite a group of men (up to 10) to commit zinah with her and if she became pregnant and gave birth, she could claim any of them as the father and a husband would allow a noble man to sleep with his wife, so that some of his “noble lineage” would be passed down to the baby. Yup it was truly a mad world.

So long story cut short. The scriptures were revealed along with a few amazing characters who bought light and purity to this mad world. Soon, many stopped following the moon, stars and idols and began to follow the scriptures and one God. Bad habits were left behind and a new era was formed. The Qur’an set strict guidelines stating what is moral and immoral. But you see when discussing about groups like the Taliban or ISIS, when the media labels them as “Islamic Extremists” it bothers me because these individuals have got nothing to do with Islam after the Jahiliyyah days. Their philosophy is very much similar to the mind sets back in the dark days. These individuals are bringing back the dark days not radicalising Islam as Islam cannot be radicalised. People fail to understand this concept. You see, these groups are not even Muslims; they are part of the Jahiliyyah, people who Prophet Muḥammad PBUH despised.

What’s written in the Qur’an is written; the extent how serious the context should be taken is also noted. The problem with these groups is not extremism, it’s in fact illiterateness. You see, the Qur’an is a big book that has big words in it. Its deep philosophy which leaves one pondering for hours. My theory is groups like the Taliban who are mostly illiterate struggle to make sense of the Qur’an. They either take every context very literally or fail to understand it at all and practice their own distorted version. Even learning to speak, read and understand the language it’s written in a real mind bender too. There was class where a family member of mine was attending. The lesson objective was to understand what each phrase in the Qur’an means, breaking meanings down and looking deeper and deeper into the context. They say no one can fully understand the Qur’an. I agree, it’s an intelligent book, I believe it takes hours of studying, devotion and some sort of intelligence to understand the literature used. So when I think of people like the Taliban I don’t think for one second these people understand the context in the holy book. If intelligent scholars who are also university professors admit to not understanding some contexts or getting confused how on earth can the Taliban make sense of it when most of them can’t spell their own birth names?

Therefore, the idea of one radicalising Islam when seen from my perspective has never really made sense. You can’t radicalise Islam, what’s written is written. You can’t change how much you want to practice this or that as that is also written. For instance, a man is allowed to marry up to four wives for the right reasons that have the exceptions of, not just to run away from his first wife because she is giving him a constant migraine from all her nagging and then  seek refuge for a younger one and to be able provide for all four wives equally. Obviously there are many more but I want to get back to my point. So if a man went over this limit he would be committing adultery. Now would you call a man marrying more than four wives radicalising Islam or not understanding the contents?  The same theory I am trying to attach to the groups like the Taliban. They have no idea what the scriptures really mean due to their illiteracy. This massive confusion has given them a completely blurred, distorted, disgusting and false reality to what Islam is about. I believe it’s down to lack of education about the religion. Education is a powerful tool. To understand the Qur’an and practice what’s written you have to be educated about it first. The Taliban members are not educated, hence the shootings in Peshawar.




13 thoughts on “Mad World.

  1. ISLAM is just an excuse for waging this tyrannical and evil agenda driven militants and their funding organizations, inside Pakistan and abroad, the blood of 145 students and several teachers who were burnt in front of the terrorized children’s eyes is on the hands of countless of people Muslims and otherwise.
    This carnage is said to tit for tat for the military offensive against militancy and their hideouts inside Pakistan’s soil. After yesterday’s bloody game of death and destruction yesterday, I pray and raise my voice for solidarity among Pakistanis, Muslims and all other religions to stand together against EVIL and ELIMINATE IT.
    These TTP are also quite candid about their mission, its either there way or the DEAD WAY and this has been so since more then 30 years of nonsensical Pakistani situation of getting hands embroiled into the so called Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.
    I commend you for speaking out against radicalism because it does not represent humanity, let alone Islam or for that matter any religion in this world.
    In morning, I spoke to a friend who was at the funeral of one 13 year old boy who died yesterday and she said to me, “Is Allah really watching how we are perishing, are we Pakistanis born to die for Terrorism agendas.” Honestly, I had really no answer to console.
    Thanks a lot for your solidarity and it means a lot to us. May Allah help Pakistan get out of this mess.

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    1. These are selfish inhumane people, only care for themselves. In their world there is no brother, sister, mother, father and children. They have no compassion for Gods people. It’s about time the world took action against these thugs. Their waging on their own children! the Pakistani government needs to stop pussyfooting and take action! Why are we allowing uneducated barbaric fools take control of our children’s future’s? How can the government even be okay with the fact that these monsters are lurking about in their country so freely? I’ve never felt so much anger before, every time I think about these groups my blood boils. Those children were our children. This is our loss. The Taliban have just taken away a child from every Pakistani there is.

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      1. That faction has foreign backing and foregn militants aswell, they want to finish Pakistan and Pakistanis, period.
        Yes, every child dead and alive is our child, agreed Hajra.
        That’s a good question? But answer is complicated because many foreign hands also don’t want that Pak Army wipes these evil doers from our land. Sovriegn Pakistan is not alone in colluding against its people, for we are under many non pakistanis influences. I fear for tomorrow as I never did before, because reporting from combat line of fire I understood the game plan is destruction of Pakistan & let’s raise our voices and keep our bloods boiling for justice!!!

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      2. Yes that’s very true, there is always someone with the upper hand. Eugh is such a mess, where do you even start from? Even if the government did take full control and there was no one else to intervene, where would you even start to fix Pakistan from? I hope you stay safe and stay strong. The news over hear is forcing people to cry out, I can imagine what those who actually live like must feel. Such devastation come all at one with full force. I still question hopelessly, why did you have to murder those children for? Have you really no heart.

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      3. They have no heart. No humanity and certainly no religion. Pakistan is on the brink either we reject all nonsensical claims to Islam and sharia and send these goons to hell by first flight possible or else we civilians wait inside our homes for death will come knocking. Even the heaven must have shook upon receiving those little innocent souls.
        They use killing children, raping women, bombing markets, prayer places etc in order to terrorise us in accepting their version of Islam. They are very candid about doing this, the point is Pakistan needs to put an end to this daily show of massacre and mourning.
        Yesterday they said in a television interview, that they want us to feel the pain and lose innocent lives, as this way we will surrender and end military offensives against them because after all Pakistan was made after millions of sacrifices to be handed over a plate to state enemies.
        Thanks, we are well but very angry as you are, at least I can communicate with you!!!!

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      4. Bully Boy tactics, they will stoop to the lowest of levels just to intimidate the government like you said so the government can end any military offensives. I hope this brings Pakistani closer together as a community, I mean no doubt that it will, millions are aching over this news. I also hope Pakistan becomes stronger as a country.

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  2. There’s been LOTS of horror done in the name of every religion over the years, but although the people who do those things think they are serving a religion, they are certainly NOT serving God. I think you’re right–they are ignorant, deluded, and full of hate. Some may think this is really sick of me, but my heart breaks for them, too. I don’t say this to excuse them in anyway–they are scum, IMO–but what awful lives they must have. I am praying for Pakistan, and all of us, because evil seems to be growing every day.

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    1. Yes your right, I don’t think that’s sick of you to say that at all. I often find myself in discussion with my sisters pitying people like the Taliban. Most of them are brainwashed. They believe by killing will give them a ticket to paradise. This is systemic abuse. There’s schools in Pakistan which are really jihad camps. I couldn’t agree with you more evil indeed is growing every single day. As long as we don’t let indoctrinate like it has to the Taliban.

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  3. Yes, you can see some older posts of The Human Lens on that militant agenda driven schools, why they are not being closed and who funds them etc. Each day more evil rises, but each day great Pakistanis especially young people like your ownself are raising voices and in that I find some solace and hope. Keep up the great work!!!

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    1. It makes so angry, especially bigots like him. They can’t even see their the root cause of Pakistan and its issues. I shall give those posts a read to get a better insight. And likewise, if only this bigot could read your work lol. He’ll probably be speechless!

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      1. LOL, thanks probably yes! Imagine that moment in our minds, lol, I wont visiting GB anytime soon because am sure if I apply I won’t get the visa 😛


      2. I know, every-time I am abroad in East or West/EU included I get such aggravating and hilarious responses to me being who I am.
        Yes the white knight syndrome… Face palming!

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