Widow Shaming & Stigmatization in South Asia

Not something you read or even hear about everyday. Why? well being a widow as this wonderful writer mentioned is a huge stigma. No one cares to give any attention to them and if their is attention given then it once again only goes back to the the woman’s dead husband. Her whole existence is made to evolve around her dead husband. That’s the only thing people allow themselves too see.

The Human Lens

“I always felt different because everywhere I go people either give me sympathetic looks or are scared that I will bring bad luck. But the first time this betrayal struck me was when one of my sisters was getting married. I was treated like an outcast by my own family, all of whom made sure to admonish me that if I touched the bridal clothes or anything related to the nuptial ceremony something catastrophic will happen. More-ever my other sisters and mother too told me to refrain from touching the bride’s dowry because that could cast the bad effects from my status as a widow. We still believe in these old ways,” says a dejected widow*Sehar.

The 32-year old Pakistani-Sehar’s words are an echo of the horrifying treatment meted out to south asian women who become widowed at some stage of their married lives. This stigmatization of widowhood is a…

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3 thoughts on “Widow Shaming & Stigmatization in South Asia

  1. It’s a mystery to me why people behave as they do toward widows. I watched my mom lose all her life-long friends, seemingly just because she no longer had a husband. It’s outrageous, and it must make God very sad!

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    1. Wow I am sorry to hear that you mother had to go through that. It’s so absurd, even from my own experience and having a young widow in my family. Many just feel sorry for her. She is known for having the dead husband. No one mentions how strong or brave she is carrying on with life and taking care of her children. She’s just known for being a victim of nature. Also the question of getting married again for a widow in my culture is seen as wrong for some reason. But attitudes change for a man.

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      1. It’s so hard for a woman to carry on with her children after such a big loss. You’re right–she really is strong and brave to carry on and do what has to be done. I’m so sad to hear of these things!

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