South Asian Beauty Standards;the Startling Perplexing Syndrome Part II

A eye-opening post which continues to expose the ridiculous discrimination people of dark skin colour in Pakistan must face. Its about time we bought this topic to light!

The Human Lens

Written by Saadia Haq, In Collaboration with the Author of Seraphictruth

Inside Pakistan, the entire worth of women is most often put into her beauty and more importantly her skin color. Baffling as it sounds; it holds true for all Pakistani girls. Am one of those not-so-lucky ones with a dusky complexion and more than often this society of mine tends to engage into aggravating conversations of my worthlessness based on my darker skin.

You see, those of us born with dark skin are abused through this the systematic violence of having absurd issues related to potential marriage proposals and for most part our dark skin means we are “unwanted” and “wretched.”

The strong evidence of these summing can be found in our local media and literature where the idea of a perfect Pakistani woman is fair and light-skinned. Our media adverts have fair colored women selling us lame items…

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