Light Skin VS Dark Skin.

I know your all intelligent beings that don’t really care about one’s pigmentation. Nonetheless, I need to get this of my chest. In 2014 and also perhaps late 2013, there has been a trend emerging on social sites, where people name themselve after their pigmentation. For example, “light skin [person’s name]”. Another trend has been the youth creating teams based on pigmentation. For instance, “#TeamLightSkin”. There has also been a growth of memes created to mock people of light skin coloration, particularly black males who have light skin have been ridiculed by social sites to be weak. I found all of these modern day movements so psychologically interesting.

See, back in the days it was Black against Whites and what not. It was race against race. However, there seems to be a racial shift, we now have race against its own race. The whole “TeamLightSkin” and “TeamDarkSkin” hogwash proves my point. This trend is extremely popular within the Black community. But why? As an observer of this trend and those who engage in this movement I find it strange that some Black people are segregating each other based on how light or dark their peers are. There are those on social sites who wear the “Light Skin” title with pride. From observation I can see that being light skin and a Black male or female you do get more attention from your opposite sex. Perhaps this is why, it is such a privilege to be light skinned? From seeing online interactions, being light skinned means it’s easier to pull, score, whatever the player lingo is.


There seems to be now two groups created, one of light skin and one of dark. Both seemingly against each other and both are mocking each other. For example, the meme’s created by dark skinned Black dudes mocking a light skinned Black dude’s masculinity. There is this assumption that the more “Black” you are, the more masculine you are. I still beg the question, how does the shade of one’s skin imply his masculinity? Also the jokes centred on light skinned males, suggesting how “moist” they are, questioning their sexuality because apparently being light skinned means your homosexual? Okay then. Also, how these individuals are incompetent in the bedroom department. So once again I beg the question, what do any of these things have got to do with the colouring of one’s skin? There is the daring question that many don’t ask the dark skinned individuals who come up with these bizarre memes and jokes, which is are you jealous and secretly prefer light skin pigmentation yourself? I know I sound slightly insensitive and rather childish but could this really be the case?


For centuries being fair and having light skin has been favoured. It was seen and still is as the definer of beauty. As being partially dark skinned myself I can sort of relate to this situation and try to understand it. Am I jealous of those who are light skinned? Honestly no. Perhaps when I was younger, I can admit I used to use the filters that only lighten my skin. But now I care more about the condition of my skin oppose to the colour of it. Do I think light skinned people are “soft”, “moist “or “camp”? Nope I don’t. Probably, because I am past the stage of relating one’s characteristics to their skin colour. The skin colour is not something I find important. Therefore, like I mentioned I can only sort of relate to this situation.

It’s interesting because for such a long period of time Black people fought against racism and slavery. The many great speakers who stood up and fought with all their might for a better future for Black people. Despite all this, it seems like there is still slavery that exits. But this time disguised in ideologies and mind frames.  This whole “TeamLightSkin” VS “TeamDarkSkin” online movement reinforces how white supremacy indeed still exists. There is now segregation which is based on skin tone. A person taking sides based on skin tone is ludicrous.  Even though it may just be youthful innocence engaging in this movement, it still suggests us a bigger and deeper idea of the effect of slavery and the effect of colonisation.






22 thoughts on “Light Skin VS Dark Skin.

  1. This is a very deep-rooted and unending phenomenon so to speak. As much as we think racism is less than before, in some ways it all has exacerbated. Racism has fled from our mouths and gained permanent residence in our hearts. Now how is going to kick it out from there?

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    1. Thank you for reading my post. And yes exactly waft you have stated. Racism has not died down as such. There’s now more of an issue but it comes from the ideologies that exist around us. The tone of our skins is now the new thing to demean. It’s almost like when one situation gets better another one rises and leads us back to the same deep rooted problem.

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  2. This separation has been prevalent since slavery. It is not a new phenomenon actually, sad of course, but the reality. You may witness it more today due to social media, but this is a generational issue. Far too much to type here, but I’ve received a question some time ago to address the issue of race, with this being one of the focus. I have no idea when that will happen though. To answer one of your questions, the humor behind the masculinity derives from the theory that Black people have higher testosterone levels, where those with a darker complexion have higher levels. It is a tragedy to know of inter-prejudice, but far worse in my opinion when you encounter intra-prejudice. Great topic to approach, but there are so many layers. More specifically, this is a universal issue and not one influential only in the Black population. Sad, but the reality.

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  3. That’s true I have witness this phenomenon through social media a lot more. It has indeed existed throughout time but being as outsider from the black community and only an observer, it’s hard for to get an real insight. Therefore, I was contemplating to write about this as I didn’t want sound like a racist bigot myself who is criticizing Black people, by all means that is not my intention lol. Social media is flooded with black humor and these light skin jokes. I still don’t understand how being light skin makes you less of a man? or what the colour of your skin has got to with your testosterone levels? Maybe there is scientific research to back this?

    your right, this issue exists in many communities and definitely in my own community. I am just waiting for the day everyone just gets over skin colour!

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  4. Wonderful post, as usual your gifted way of writing has penetrated into people’s thought process, being a dusky Pakistani woman I can tell you I totally get what you mean. I also find the behavior of young generation within my family very illuminating, in particular on weddings, or eid fesitvals all “take another photo, or delete this one I look so dark” always makes me want to bang my head into the wall. But how can I blame them or other people for that matter? the glorification of the white and fair skinned races triumphed throughout history on the dichotomy of shame of being one of the colored races and it still continues. Its hilarious also to see how people behave once they learn that some X,Y,Z they were virtually communicating for work or cause related cause is actually colored. I recall some mainstream feminists gaping upon meeting on on forums and their highly uncomfortable state was very much in evidence. Thanking the Lord, I gave up mainstream feminism and Sandie here knows this very well 😉
    I also hear you loud and clear, here’s hoping s.asian community will get over the gore rang ka zamana (its the time for fair-skinned damsels) issue one day sooooon!!!

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    1. Thank you for reading my post and this brilliant comment which I really enjoyed reading and made me laugh! When it comes to us S.A dear lord where do I even start. Your example of the photographs is very valid and the sad truth. Or when describing one’s facial feature S.A people are eager to define their beauty based on the colour of the skin “She’s so pretty and white..” no attention has been paid to the facial features that make up one’s beauty but only the colour has been acknowledged.

      It seems like they rather have a ugly fair skinned child than a beautiful dark skinned child. Sounds harsh but I can’t sweeten the tone of this issue anymore. Its so daft how S.A people are obsessed with fair skin. It angers me so much, just get over it!! Sorry Saadiahaq for going of on one, now that you’ve got me started I find it hard to sop lol!

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  5. I know tell me about it, and please recall all those rishta karane wale aunties ( aunties responsible for marriage prospects) commentary, larke walun ko gore aur shareef larki chahye ( boys side demand is white and chaste). I mean come on, and you are absolutely right we have to raise our voices on this sort of horrifying trend within our community, I get so annoyed when I see parents or families putting down their beautiful daughters just because they are not fair skinned.
    I was also wondering that if you will agree we can write a collective post for your blog or mind, whatever on this trend of using FAIR AND LOVELY creams and their adverts. LOL, what do you think?

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    1. Haha oh darn those aunties, such liabilities 😦 it’s a real shame parents feel this way about their children, I spent some time in Pakistan for holiday. There was a wedding the bride was smeared with foundation that no where matched her skin tone. The make up “artist” made her look like a ghost! This is wrong on so many levels I thought to myself. Also deceiving too, the groom is being presented with a fair bride but that’s makeup. It’s sad honestly, and unfair on people like us. And regards to your question yes of course I can’t wait to pour my heart and soul into this post collaboration! I’m all up for it let me know how you wanna go about this I’m all good with whatever. I’m actually getting excited now!

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      1. Gloomy right, I always had this issue with the white caking of brides on wedding events, and it continues still :-/ We can’t seem to get over our colonial traumas it seems, because it is very related if you view in that perspective. Please share your email or drop me a few lines and we can take it from there. The above narration is exactly what would make that feature so save it, please! Waiting anxiously, lol!


      2. I am sorry that you were here and had to also go through experiencing that not so pleasant part of our culture, I guess its hard for you to be into two contrasting realities at the same time?


      3. Hmm yes and no, I mean even over here brides like to look fair but now people are understanding makeup a bit more so that white icing has stopped. It was all a social experiment to me. I enjoyed brung there. I’m from Kashmir so I got to see the beauties of the place. It was an absolute pleasure.

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      4. Yes, I was thinking along similar lines. You are truly from a beautiful land, I absolutely love Kashmir and my family likes making holidays there 😉
        I have also worked there during the 2005’s quake from early days of the aftermath, as I was part of Internews media team on emergency transmission to assist radio Kashmir that was almost 99% destroyed and the whole Pakistan was in deep shock, I have profound memories that I can never forget. After falling into love with the Kashmir’s beauties, I can understand your love for it, very well 🙂
        Btw, have sent the email too!!!

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      5. Thank you email received and replied back 🙂 And wow haven’t you’ve been an active individual lol! I wish I could do what you do, its something I’ve always been passionate about. I mean having this blog and reading and writing is all good but to actually go out there as assess the situation must be amazing. You must have such interesting stories to tell And since now that we’re buddies I will be annoying by interrogating you about your job and all the things you have seen!

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      6. I can tell you too damn active for a long time now. You may feel free to buddy nag me anytime, lol. A big reason why I started blogging was to like also find the space to have my catharsis and also share people’s stories, real life events that I continue to experience in the day job. I got many offers to work on tv with 20 kilos make up when I was young, but I prefer to like be among my people and tell people’s stories, you might have noticed on my About me page etc some links. Also I am amazing at your young age, already have become an established blogger and I also feel that you are at a great stage of your life where you can find ways to creatively find outlets for your passion and also turn your wishes into realization. We each have our time and only Allah SWT knows it 😉

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      7. Wow thank you for the lats bit, that’s extremely kind of you and a massive confidence boost. I’m glad you turned down those propositions and continued doing only what you enjoy. I think its so lucky if you have a career you actually enjoy as well it is very rare most of us just stick to 9-5 jobs. they get us by but for don’t satisfy me. I rather do you what you do but I know my family would oppose. Money is the key factor here. Oh well, its equally as satisfying for me to gotten to know you and your blog.


  6. Yup! It’s messed up and this is exactly why I wrote the story Zengi Girls. These strata leave one place and go set in in another when you think the problem has been cured. But nope, it’s still lurking and creeping up around..Smh…

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    1. Couldn’t agree any more with you! However hopefully the new generations yet to become parents and take lead will put a stop to this skin obsession. Hopefully the more we grow the more the colouring of ones skin will become an insignificant factor. Optimistic thinking but is it so hard to imagine a future where skin colour is not an issue no more. It’s so crazy that even now we still are having these problems, despite so many people fighting for change, we’re just going backwards and not professing at all.

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