Bigots and Race.

So as I mentioned in my profile I’ve set this blog to express my outtake on social issues that I feel need to be discussed. I also did mention that I am here to rant too. Whilst I haven’t really ranted (I think) directly like dedicated a whole post to it, well the time has come to do so. After all, what a better way to start the ranting then to rage about bigots. The dictionary definition of a bigot is ‘a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions’. That nicely sums up a bigot. I can’t stand a bigot they come in all shapes and sizes and are intolerable to many views about many things.

One of the bigots that really piss me off are the ones who are so closed minded about race. For example, I wrote a post about Ben Affleck responding to Ben Maher’s claims that Islam is a religion affiliated by the mafia. Even though, Islam is indeed a religion there seems to be an ongoing trend that people like Maher are confusing it with it being a race. People are using the term “Muslim” to describe one’s ethnicity! Individuals like Maher are so close minded about race; first of all he hasn’t even acknowledged that it is not just Arabs that are Muslim. And Muslim is not a race for God’s sake. I’ve also noticed that the media is very negative towards convert Muslims from different races. Like when Tony Blair’s sister in law converted to Islam, the media was shocked that’s for sure you could tell they weren’t too happy with her decision. Perhaps because she’s a White British Middle class educated young woman, therefore why would she follow a religion that is so backwards in the media’s eyes? Bigots don’t like it when high profiled folks educate themselves about a subject that bigots feel so strongly negative about. Bigots only like it when people think like them.

Another reason why I severely dislike bigots is when they refuse to see past your stereotype. “Your Black and have degree in biomedicine? Yeah right!” “Your dyslexic but your Chinese?” “All Arabs are definitely linked to the Al’qaeda” “Black women are mostly single mothers” “All White people are racist” “Your South Asian and you don’t like curry?” All Romanian’s are thieves” the list of this narrow-mindedness bullshit goes on. I get the light hearted jokes that are linked to every race which people from their own races have created. It’s great that we can joke about our stereotypes, but then you have those who really believe in these stereotypes and take the jokes that were made to take the piss taken seriously. The bigots only allow themselves to see what they want to see. They find it comforting that these stereotypes degrade us, therefore choose to believe them.

It is indeed these bigots who create the fear inside of us for interacting with people from different races. For instance, I am ashamed to admit this but Seraphic Truth is only about the truth and the truth only. There was a time when I for some reason find it uncomforting sitting next to a black youth wearing a hoodie in the train or walk past one. Why? I thought to myself, he’s done nothing to me and just minding his own business. Is it really because of the colour of his skin or his dress attire? Or the fact that organizations like the media, police, school and government have linked his skin colour to his dress attire? Of course it was. The bigots had gotten to me. So cunningly putting the fear inside me that all young black males wearing a hoodie are dangerous “muggers” or “shankers”. Now I am free from this bigotry prison and the fear they created. I do not and try my upmost best not to judge one’s characteristics by their race. I make myself consciously aware of this and hope my subconscious is also free. Bottom line is that bigots will try their best to cage you in by using different tools and through clever strategies. We can’t escape from the labels and stereotypes or pre-judgments but don’t let that get to you. Carry on proving the bigots wrong by becoming even greater beings; refuse to stop at the limits they have given you as there is no doubt you’ll get people constantly reminding you “hey your black, I don’t think you can get into Oxford to be honest”. So remove these people from your view. Remove the stereotype the world has placed on you. Pretend it doesn’t exist.


4 thoughts on “Bigots and Race.

  1. I loved that meme, and was waiting to use a post using the concept. LoL. Race is such an important topic, especially when I encounter people who say, “I don’t see color because I am colorblind.” Color blindness is the cousin of racism, because to erase an element of someone as if it does not exist, is to erase a piece of this individual.

    They feel seeing race means it causes racism. Instead, they fail to see it is one thing to see that an individual is Asian or Black, but it is another to judge a personally solely on them being Asian or Black. You pointed the latter out well in this post.

    Do you get into discussions involving Muslim stereotypes often?

    Check out this post when you get a moment.

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    1. Thank you very much for reading my post and appreciating my meme lewl. There’s no harm in discussing race at all, some are afraid to get into deep discussions about one’s race as they don’t want to be defined as a “racist”. But race is an inevitable part of us, it contributes to who we are, like you mentioned rightfully ” Color blindness is the cousin of racism, because to erase an element of someone as if it does not exist, is to erase a piece of this individual.”. However, of course seeing someone for only what race they are and not all the other million attributes that make them who they are is wrong.

      Reagrding your question- Do you get into discussions involving Muslim stereotypes often? yes unfortunately, see now the issue is people getting confused with race and religion. what I’ve personally faced is people referring me as the “Young Female British Muslim” the problem here is that “Muslim” for them means my race. I’m not sure how one can get confused between what religion and race is? I believe this has got to do with the “Muslim stereotypes” that are so interlinked with race, when I mean race I mean only Arab, Pakistani, Afghan or Iranian for some reason most stereotypes are based on only these two ethnicity’s and not the other billion of Muslims from different races around the world.

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      1. How do you respond to the negative stereotypes associated with Muslims as a whole, because I encounter them quite often.

        In fact, when you engage with someone holding the stereotypes, are they engaging with the intent to learn from you, or does the discussion occur where they refuse to let go of the stereotypes?

        When people think of the negative actions from any group, it becomes the group. I see it in all examples. If someone looks “Middle Eastern,” regardless if they are not and regardless where they are from, the association is immediately to label it Muslim in nature. This is something I observe immediately and quite often.

        Perception is an interesting thing indeed.

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      2. Well, what I’ve learned that those who choose to be close minded, stay close minded. for example, when I was back in school, we had the students from a Grammar school attend our foundation school for media lessons. See, we were 17/18 at the time and these Grammar kids were highly academic. In media studies we used to discuss how Muslims are misrepresented. One of the boys from the Grammar school said “they’re all a bunch of terrorists”. So here we have an individual from a Grammar school, who is studying the media but being indoctrinated by the media at the same time.

        His ignorance and strong racism baffled me, but then I realised indeed these kids were aware of what the truth is, it is exactly what you questioned or does the discussion occur where they refuse to let go of the stereotypes?. They didn’t want to learn.

        regarding your second point, it is very true. for instance, there is issue right now in the UK of some Romanian immigrants causing trouble across Europe too. for some reason people believe they are Muslim. Perhaps because they’re features are similar to Middle Eastern people, therefore people have labeled them as Muslims. It is a strange world we live in lol.

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