The Irritating Male “Love Guru’s” and Comedians.

There has been a lot of discussion about love guru Julien Blanc, for those who aren’t familiar with who he is, well he’s basically a sexist prick and dating “expert” who believes wooing a girl is by raping her. Many people have protested that Blanc should be banned from entering the UK and rightfully so! The scary thing about Blanc’s situation is that many men actually listen to him and take his advice. So here we have an idiot who is now inspiring other idiots to become even bigger idiots. Great! Just what women need. When will this “lad culture” stop? When will men realise no it’s not okay to make remarks about rape or sexual abuse that they find amusing?

Of course, this “banter” stems from somewhere and I believe this where male comedians come in the picture. For example, Dapper Laughs, the self-declared “lad” known for cracking series of rape jokes. Mr Laughs claimed whilst giving dating advice to men “Just show her your penis. If she cries, she’s just playing hard to get” and “remember, it’s only sexual harassment if she’s more attractive than you.” Hmm yep nice one. So I beg the question what is about rape jokes that is amusing? I really don’t understand it perhaps because I am a female? Maybe men have a different sense of humour that women may not understand. Either way, I just don’t get why rape is mocked so much by these comedians and dating experts. Since when did rape become a pleasant and light hearted thing to have a laugh about?

Men are also victims of rape, why do these comedians and love gurus never mock men who are raped? Or is this something they feel uncomfortable with, however still think it’s perfectly okay to make fun out women who are victims of rape? These double standards of what’s acceptable to discuss and mock openly in the media need to stop. How can we as a community move forward and develop a consensus between us if people in the media who have so much control over us keep giving out mix messages about what’s right and wrong. Living in the 21st century which I believe is the modern era, why are there still such Neanderthal men that are allowed to voice their disgusting “humour” on television? And when we will people realise that rape is not a joke! Ever.

In effect rape jokes and punchlines as well as “dating advice” all play a part in normalising rape. Taking away the seriousness of this crime and putting more women in danger. Perhaps it all comes down to education. Schools not doing enough or being effective enough when tackling the rape issue. Teaching right from wrong at a young age effectively can stop individuals socialising into deviants. I don’t think we should shy away from rape crime. We should teach our kids what it actually means. Many offenders half of the time are not even aware of their crime and simply put it down to “thanks for the good time”. Isn’t this massively disturbing? So how can one not know that they have just raped someone?  Sounds bizarre but it’s the sad truth for many offenders. Also, when men make rape jokes are they not condemning rape by doing so? Cracking a rape joke basically implies that you’re okay with rapists and rape crime. Sounds harsh but that’s the picture you have painted of yourself.

Powerful people in the media such as the comedians and high profiled “love guru’s” who send out the wrong and perverse messages to their audiences need to start becoming more conscious of their decisions. They need to see beyond their “art” and understand that some audiences are much more passive then others, for you that may just be a witty rape joke or just banter but for some members of your audiences who may take the content of your jokes and advice literally. The consequence of this is that these individuals are contributing to a development of rape culture, which they dub as “lad culture”. Education and responsibility are the two main factors here. I think the human race has evolved enough to know that any violation of another human should be deemed wrong. Why are we still even discussing about people like Blanc and Laughs’ Neanderthal behaviour? Surely by now there should be nothing to contemplate and ponder over if rape should be joked about or not. There is a simple answer which is NO it’s bloody well not okay. And don’t you dare mock others for being “prude” if they find your revolting sense of humour offensive and plain stupid.



2 thoughts on “The Irritating Male “Love Guru’s” and Comedians.

  1. Any same woman even if she is not a feminist would have a serious issue with the f***** up issue of him and usual societies treating rape jokes as jokes.
    Victimization of rape victims and survivors, shaming and death sentencing them ( referring to our Muslim states idiocies) are all enough horrible issues that make women pick up feminism and dismantle we will this patriarchy that exists in all this world on issue of rape.
    You may see my rape related posts where some people were actually cracking rape jokes.
    Rape is a crime and am so so glad you wrote that it is not bloody ok.

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    1. where to even start, I mean its such a basic thing that rape jokes are not okay as this is a real life serious crime that we are discussing about that happens to real life people. its not a made up myth. however, for some reason some still fail to get this through their thick skulls.and of course, like you mentioned death sentences for rape victims. victim blaming, once again even this logic is a basic one- a rape victim is indeed the victim not the perpetrator. but once again, even something as simple this is too complex for some individuals. we are such an intelligent species but yet so behind on simple human right matters.

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