Children In Need- The charity for disabled children. Sweet or sinister?

Whoever watches Children In Need on the BBC and thinks well isn’t this slightly patronising? For those who aren’t from Britain, Children In Need is a national charity that is set up to help and change the lives of young disabled children and young people in the UK.  A show on the BBC channel that airs on Friday usually around November is dedicated to Children In Need, where there are celebrity appearances and massive sing-songs. Don’t get me wrong I think its great the Britain does so much for charities which try to improve lives of the millions living in the UK. However, there is something about Children In Need that I just find so sinister. I know I am not the only one; there are many activists for disabled people camping against Children In Need, drawings of Pudsey the bear, the charity mascot being shot can be found all over the internet.

The charity itself may be great; however it’s the way it presents itself through the media. The BBC show that airs couldn’t get any more ludicrous and indeed patronising. For instance, there is always a choir of young children, none who suffer of any chronicle diseases bearing in mind. They are made to sing inspirational songs about “holding hands” and “being there”. Yeah sure it’s sweet but if you really think about it, it is slightly offensive. The young choir are there to make the viewer’s pity those who suffer from diseases and in effect donate. The whole show is a pity case. The celebrities being paid to appear. Giving their 2 minute “heartfelt” speech about how much they care, how great the charity is and how it sucks to be young, disabled and ill.

There is no doubt that Children In Need plays the sympathy card well. Even the music used when screening a story about a young disabled child, at first when the child is speaking about their disability, the music is sad, depressing and basically we’re waiting for the violins to kick in, however, as soon as Children In Need is mentioned then all of a sudden the music becomes uplifting. All of the tricks used in the show to me imply, that the charity is suggesting that they’re the only hope and strength in the child’s live. That the real purpose of the show is not to show how well or not young people who have disabilities in the UK are actually doing, but to broadcast the charities credits. The show patronises disabled people, presents them to be weak and not as survivors who have the heart and strength of a solider. It’s a massive sob story, everyone has to feel sorry for the poor disabled kid who in fact may be very happy and content with his/her life. But since their disabled that’s all we have to notice, just their disability, nothing else that shows us their amazing character or beautiful spirit. In addition, I believe the Children In Need show fails to empower young disabled children. All in all, I found the show offensive, it’s so subjective and not to mention credit hungry.





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