Preserving Your Relationship Is The Best Way Forward (Plus It Makes You Less Annoying)

It’s beautiful to see people in love as in this day and age love is becoming rarer to find. But what completely pees me off is when couples constantly boast about their significant other, or when they just can’t stop associating their significant other with everything they talk about, there’s also the quoting business “he/she said we shall all learn to love our imperfections, he’s so right” yeah that’s annoying too. My philosophy on love and by no means am I some sort of love guru but I just feel by being rational about how much we give and receive love is important as it gives your relationship a healthy balance, this way you don’t become obsessed with your partner and nor do you completely neglect them.

Also, I find preserving your relationship is a wiser move than just telling everyone about your business, especially if no one’s really asked. Its understandable, I mean your madly in love with this person, you could talk about this person all day, they inspire you, you’re in a process of learning new things about that person which no one else sees and it’s just all becoming a bit too overwhelming for you hence you keep running your mouth. However, we must grab a hold of ourselves, refrain ourselves from letting all these emotions that keep rushing inside of us at infinity speed to get the more better rational and less annoying of ourselves. We need to learn to discipline our emotions. Not everyone you converse with wants the best for you, let’s be real about this. There’s people out there who may be jealous of how happy you are, so will never miss a chance to interfere and cause problems in your relationship.

Furthermore, not everyone really gives a shit about your other half, to them their just normal people so will probably lose interest real quick in your conversations and in effect stop associating with you. There’s also the possibility that you may be seen as showing off, rubbing it on your pals face especially if he/she is single or worse divorced. All in all, you will really just be perceived as being annoying and just obsessed with your other half. Sure, people may find it cute for a few days but when they realise that you just keep going on; sooner or later they will get sick of it. The best thing to do here, is keep your love between yourself, what you feel for each other only the two of you know the real depth of how deep your feelings are, only you know how amazing that person as only you experience it and only you indeed see the beauty in that person that makes you feel like you heart is jumping out of your skin.

Keeping your love between yourself will only enhance the way you feel, as instead of telling other people how amazing you man or woman is you instead only tell you other half how remarkable they are. Also, there is no point in gushing about your partner in front of your friends and praising your other half in front of people if you’re going to go home and not show any sign of appreciation. The world doesn’t need to know how much you love someone, as long you declare your love to that person constantly as showing love should be a daily basis thing. You have nothing to prove to people, what goes on in your relationship is only for you and your other half to know. As long as you both know where you stand and which direction your relationship is heading, people shouldn’t matter. You don’t need Instagram every time your hubby or boyfriend buys you flowers or a Swarovski ring. Not every good moment you have belongs to the public. Treasure you love but as the same time embrace it too.

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