Cat Calling- Street Sexual Harassment or Compliments?

After watching Shoshana B. Roberts’s social experiment video on cat calling it was a thought-provoking insight to what a woman minding her own business walking through the busy streets of New York has to endure.  But the controversial question that I would like to rise is some of the remarks Robert’s received were they a form of sexual harassment or just plain compliments? Over a 10 hour period Robert was bombarded with dozens of unwelcomed comments. For instance, from one pass-byre “what’s up beautiful? Have a nice day”. Now what to classify this as? As sexual harassment or just a compliment which may have been unwanted for but harmless? Many have argued that this video that went viral is just another excuse for feminists to moan and make a mountain out of a mole hill. What do I say? Well from observing the males in this video, what their intentions may be I would say no it is not feminists making a fuss over nothing. In fact I don’t find this cat-calling behavior is even acceptable.


Just because we’re women it doesn’t mean we want to be “complimented” by random strangers. We don’t need to be told that we look beautiful or to smile. Yeah there’s nothing wrong with these comments but to receive them from strangers there is just no need! We’re minding our business so why can’t these cat-callers do the same? We’re not being uptight about the situation, we just don’t understand why these men feel the need to shout and make superficial remarks. Robert’s video also presented her being followed by a man for 5 minutes and then another constantly asking for her number and protesting the reason why she isn’t give it, because she thinks he’s ugly. It was alarming to watch this as this wasn’t fiction but the true portrayal of the dangers women face. My analogy of men suggests that there are men who enjoy terrorising women, to scare them and to just be hooligans. They may not have any wicked intentions such as rape but they just enjoy practicing this as it makes them feel in power, it boots their egos and impresses their boys.


Also not mention, men who do behave in this way are usually the ones that are sexually deprived. Facing pervery cat-callers myself, I can usually tell their not really getting any action, the way these men gaze at you like they haven’t seen a woman before and we’re some mystical creatures that need to be constantly gazed at, all of this reinforces their desperation.   What bothers me the most is when people say “well why you are getting so angry that he called you beautiful?”  It’s hardly something to boost about now is it, being noticed by a couple of losers, who look shabby, dress shabby and speak shabby is hardly going to boost my self-esteem.  Is it so hard wrong that women just don’t want their appearances to be picked on all the time? I’m sure men wouldn’t appreciate it if we randomly made remarks about their bulges or size, I hate to be crude but the point needs to be made! Wouldn’t men feel the slightest bit of insecurity if we did? Likewise women don’t appreciate it either when these cat-callers make remarks about our bodies. It only makes us more self-conscious.

I think I speak on the behalf of most women when I say we have never found a cat-call a compliment, we do not enjoy the attention and nor do we do anything that makes you force your conversation upon us. It is harassment; it can leave women troubled, frightened and anxious. So please be a little more courteous when you make your unwanted remarks and to those who justify cat-calling or brush it of as no big deal, then put yourself in that woman’s shoe, try to understand the mental stress it may cause her. Being seen as a sexual object isn’t a fun ordeal for most women who are just trying to get to work or pick up their kids from school. Let’s just all learn to see things from each other’s perspective and show a little more respect to one another.



Hey if your going to cat-call at least do it the right way like those fine chaps above.


13 thoughts on “Cat Calling- Street Sexual Harassment or Compliments?

  1. The most annoying part is that most men on a global scale don’t really think there is any harm in street harassment, be it streets of Landikotal to the La Calle di Malaga, etc etc.

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    1. Its disturbing too. Perhaps they refuse to accept the seriousness of this issue because they don’t want to confront their immoral side they have. They don’t want to admit what they really are. Therefore, making jokes about it or just brushing of the topic allows them to stay in-denial.

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      1. Well this is because patriarchy makes them feel like Gods and their absolution is borne by women who get harassed. Plus all those stupid mothering syndromes don’t help either, as globally women as wives/ mothers etc justify rapists and abusers, perverts by my son/ husband etc was tempted by the victim herself and so on. Shameful and outrageous.
        As if those men thier sons/ husband’s are weaklings!! Blaming victims even. A man who is unable to keep his pants zipped is not a man at all, is a monster excuse of a human. After listening countless women’s rape/ harrasment incidents I am very harsh on this whole issue.

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      2. Exactly, I understand your anger and you have every right to feel this way. And why shouldn’t we, those who commit such immoral and disgusting acts need to face up to the consequences and take responsibility! This shaming method also know as victim blaming is just as bad as the rapist. How can we possibly justify rape? how can a man not control his sexual urges? Surely men were created to be more intelligent than this.

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      3. Exactly my point and within our culture there is still this sort of hush hush taboo on who did it while the victim is blamed, jailed, beaten or killed. Where is the sense in this??
        And frankly if men behave like that, it reflects on we women folk as probably they were taught that they could do whatever and get away with it. I have heard women saying go play with girls outside the khandaan. All such women are stain on womenhood and should be shot along with those perverts.

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      4. You understood khandaan right? Family and in this case, boasting to boys to go play outside of family means exactly what!!! Face palming!!!!!

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      5. I understand, have never thankfully witnessed this from my own relatives but have heard and seen it from others. As long the girl is in anyway related to the family then its all fine. Its so low that parents preach this ideology to their sons. I agree, those who agree and excuse this issue are just as bad as those who committed the sin. Its especially our job as women as girls to protect other females, to teach our boys the value of a woman. It doesn’t matter what caste, race or religion the girl is or if shes related or not. khandaan or no khandaan, it does not matter! your crime is equally as unforgivable either way.

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  2. Exactly khandaan or no khandaan shouldn’t matter in such sensitive and grave matters, my sister’s mother in law was a great preacher of this sort of go out of khandaan and play around nonsense. Her excuses were totally out of this world, using the Muhajir tag non shareef girls can handle anything etc etc.
    She and countless of other women actually teach their boys that respect and dignity is for only women of the khandaan whereas girls of others are nothing, therefore their sons can do whatever they want.
    I did a post a long while ago, on this issue and you may browse through it, some time if you feel like getting bored with my crap!


      1. I know and her in-laws made sure she was unwelcome in their family because she was an outsider, we Muhajir and they Punjabis. Blaming my sis, when in reality their son actually choose her. The usual pakistani nonsense..!
        Thanks, feel free!!!


      2. Hmm its sad hearing this as well just plain annoying. If only us Pakistanis followed our religion more than our pretty culture we wouldn’t have this racial or nationality segregating issues.

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      3. Yes, tell me about it. But unfortunately the whole Muslim world is infected with this virus. Haven’t you noticed how white ARAB muslims treat African and Asian Muslims and people of color? All sorts of violence is perpetuated and systematically institutionalized against us lesser Muslims and when Pakistanis go on their syndromes of tablig and Arabizing ourselves, I find it appalling, annoying and really an eye opener because if we weren’t subjugated and had this inferiority complex, most idiots won’t be doing that.

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