Iran’s Blood Stained Human Rights Rubbish Excuse Of A System.

Reyhaneh Jabbari the latest victim of Iran’s failing Human Rights System was kept in Prison since 2007 for being convicted of murdering Morteza Abdolali who she accused of attempt rape.  Jabbari was executed last weekend. The brave women wrote an emotional letter to her mother saying her goodbyes, caused international outrage and once again bought attention to Iran’s Human Rights System and all its flaws. This is not the first time Iran’s justice and Humans Right’s System has been completely unfair. In the past, the tragic case of Soraya M, who was accused and “found guilty” of having affair and was stoned to death.  A film was released explaining the events that took place in more detail. There have been more cases of mostly women’s chances be cut short due the patriarchal systems Iran has in place.  The unfortunate women, who are victims of rape, for instance, are usually the ones who end up on trial for being the perpetrator. The actual male offender is dubbed as vulnerable who was “seduced”.

I wonder what the government has against women. From these cases it’s clear to see that whatever Human Right System they have in place or the Justice System is only beneficial for men. It is made up by men for men. In countries like Iran and Afghanistan the ridiculous ideology still exists that rape is known as “adultery” which is wrong Islamically, in Islam rape is considered as hiraba” which means terrorism or crimes of violence. But this is not about religion, Soraya’s case proved that., Religion is just used as a tool to justify the men who commit these horrid acts and shift the blame. This is the culture of patriarch that is so deeply embedded within government intuitions. So many women have been wrongly executed and scapegoated as the offender not just by the courts but also their family. Many girls and women risk ‘honour killings’ by family members who can’t bear the shame.

I can’t fully express how unjust and disturbing the outcomes and the attitude towards a female victim are. Iran needs to fix its countries Justice System and provide more established human rights to women. The attitude needs to change, Iran needs to start protecting females, show more compassion toward them and not just label them as the criminal. More attention and punishment needs to be given to the male culprit.





4 thoughts on “Iran’s Blood Stained Human Rights Rubbish Excuse Of A System.

    1. You are absolutely correct, that is the mannerism of an idiot. It’s just a shame that these pathetic excuse of men ruin the life’s of innocent women in the process of boosting their own egos. It just shocks me how selfish, cruel and immoral one can get?! raping someone is an evil act but then scapegoating them is just plain inhuman. Some men sadly lack empathy, a sense of righteousness and wrongness.

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  1. Great blogging I have stumbled upon!! Its wonderful to see that the unjust execution pf Rehannah Jabbari is resulting into rights activists standing up to unjustice and unlawfulness. We cannot bring her back, but we must continue to fight and move forward o ensure no more of this sort of crap is doled out against women.
    I hear so much Islamophobia on these sort of issues, when in reality Allah Al Mighty and the Most Merciful has granted rights to women, that are bieng distorted in Allah’s very name. If you have an interest please do check out:



    1. First of all thank you very much for reading my post and your kind words and secondly of course these unjust cases having nothing to do with religion like you rightfully mentioned. This is just patriarchy embedded within the system. Men using Allah SWT name to justify their wicked acts, thinking they have a given ticket to paradise. How delusional and selfish of them. All we can do is continue speaking out against this cruel and immoral people, and of course I will check the blog link you sent 🙂

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