The Two-Types of a Domestic Abuser and Can He/She Ever Be Forgiven?

There’s been a lot of talk about ‘Project Unbreakable’ a photography project aiming to give a voice to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, presenting photographs of survivors holding posters with quotes from their abusers. A unique an inspiring project which has caught massive positive attention from the media. Domestic violence is a topic many feel uncomfortable discussing about. However, we are now approaching the issue more directly and new laws are being put in place to protect survivors and punish offenders.

The offender is what intrigues me; there are many reasons to explain why a man or woman may physically abuse their partner. But can he/she ever be forgiven? I believe there are different types of domestic abusers that fall into different categories. For instance, you have the abuser who lost his/her temper and lashed out on his girl/boyfriend. This incident only happened once ever and he/she is deeply sorry and understands his/her crime. So can this type of offender ever be forgiven and does he/she deserve the same prison sentence as the second type of domestic abuser? The second type abuser is in his/her’s conscious when they beat and verbally abuse their partner, they are also manipulative and have full control over their victim. So from the two examples given we can see the two abusers differ. Is right to forgive someone, who lost their temper, saw sudden rage and lashed out once? However, they are aware of the act they committed; they acknowledge it was wrong and are deeply sorry.

So can this type of abuser be pardoned and given a second chance? The reason why I’m raising this controversial point is because I believe that some offenders are just more sinister than others. Therefore, we should acknowledge that and not put all offenders into one box. Don’t get me wrong, there is no way I’m siding with the domestic abusers or trying to justify them. I’m simply trying to understand the different types of abusers and what consequences they should face.

I think it’s pretty obvious the second type of offender is far more sinister; viewing some of the quote pictures on Project Unbreakable, many of the domestic abusers described by the saviours fall into the type-two category and have no right to be forgiven or justified for the evil acts they committed.  Of course, there are many abusers who are forgiven by their partners, I am in no place to judge that decision, as like I mentioned before some abusers are more sinister than others and I don’t believe all men or women who have lashed out on their partners are evil. They may have just made a terrible mistake and are deeply sorry. It’s controversial for me to say this, but we need to keep an open mind and understand the person’s actions and intentions properly before coming to a judgment. The reason for why I say the type-two abuser is evil and sinister is because I believe their intention is to cause as much distress, suffering and hurt to their partner as possible. They are a bully, who enjoys making his/her partner feel small and degraded. All of these intentions are wicked, criminal and indeed immoral. From here, I’ll leave it you to ponder over this discussion.








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