The Empty Space We Feel Inside Us.

It bothers me when anything promotes the outdated philosophy that only having a boyfriend or girlfriend is way to everlasting contentment or the idea that only being in love with someone will make that empty feeling go away. This old-fashioned belief focuses way too much on attachment. I don’t believe as independent beings, we should become attached to people to the extent where we begin to believe only people can “complete” us.  Falling in love with someone and getting attached to someone are two different things. I consider that love based on purely attachment is rather selfish, as you’re only taking from your significant other; they feed you a sense of security. I believe it all thrives from this. We get comfortable with the security we are given.

Therefore, we begin to form attachments to the point where we stop acknowledging ourselves and completely become inclined to that person.  What we don’t realise, is that empty space we feel inside is for no one to fill in. If you are devoted to your faith or just very spiritual then you may say only the Devine created this space so we can remember him, seek comfort from him by praying and in effect this empty space can only be filled by him.  The empty space inside us may also be only for us to fill in, to seek inspiration from ourselves. Instead of depending on other people, we need to depend on ourselves and focus on our infinite flawlessness that we have.  The empty space could be a reminder that it’s time for us to be inspired again and find out more about ourselves. I don’t believe that being married, or in any sort of relationship is able to bring “completeness”. We may feel warm and fuzzy from time to time but that’s not our empty spaces getting filled in. The empty space we feel inside will always be there, with a purpose to remind us to get inspired and seek comfort for our own soul.



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