Why do Radical Feminists believe getting naked is the way to Liberation?

Radical feminists for some reason remind me of the BNP or EDl. The movement is just heading a different direction. For example, the EDL are against British Muslim Pakistanis based on their stereotypes. Likewise, radical feminists are against men, this bitterness of men stems from the stereotype they have applied to a man. Both movements are discriminatory, biased, extreme and always piss of majority of people. I have acknowledged that many radical feminists practically the Ukrainian group ‘FEMEN’ who love to strip of outside religious institution’s to get their point across. Femen who wrongly believe, that Muslim women are oppressed due to the fact that we wear hijab and lose clothing. Femen have also protested outside Mosques naked to “liberate” Muslim women.


The ideology that being naked means liberation is ridiculous on every level.  How can a piece of cloth imply oppression or patriarchy? It’s clear to see that Femen members have not read the Qur’an or have just pick and mixed any verse and completely took it out of context. Femen believe they want to end patriarchy and in order to achieve one needs to get naked and expose herself. Okay so here’s the logic, these radical feminists believe that men are patriarchal and to them women are second class citizens who are just seen as objects. So by exposing our assets to men will get them to put women first? But by us stripping off wouldn’t that just be pleasing a man’s subconscious sexual nature? I mean if these feminists strip off and then expect men to listen to them, I very much doubt men will be even paying attention as their attention would be diverted to the treasures exposed before them.  After all, a man’s brain works differently to a woman’s right? Instead of getting naked, why can’t these feminists just use their intellect to get their point across, argue their case, and make theoretical references? Surely by behaving like well-educated young women instead of feral women, people would take them more seriously?

Moreover, if these feminists really care about Muslim women who they believe are oppressed, then why don’t they protest outside the embassies of Bosnia, where masses of women were raped and murdered by Bosnian soldiers during the war? These are the women who are truly oppressed, the ones who are caught up in a war zone and being used as sexual objects and degraded on a daily bases. Where do Femen’s priorities for these women come in? I believe that feminists groups like Femen, encourage hate against certain religions because they are indeed racist, painting a picture of “Muslim women are oppressed” as an excuse. If they really did care about Muslim women then they would be out there protesting against war crimes that happen around the world, as no one can doubt that being raped repeatedly by immoral soldiers in your own homeland is the ultimate oppression.

If radical feminist actually bothered to read the Qur’an properly and understand each verse then they would see that there is a whole chapter in the Qur’an devoted to women and our rights. Women are special in Islam, if a women is mistreated then that is the persons fault for rejecting the teachings of the Qur’an, not the religions. This is what radical feminists need to acknowledge, that culture and religion are two separate entities. That people and God are two separate figures.





10 thoughts on “Why do Radical Feminists believe getting naked is the way to Liberation?

  1. Exactly, tyhis is colonial mindset and for western society one can only be a feminist if at all one is secular. where as I am Muslim Pakistani am a hardcore feminist and I know Islam enough to fight against the nonsense of izzat, sharm and ghairaat in my country.
    Getting naked works in societies that have different set of values, and in a way its not radical feminism, its idioticism in name of feminism. Muslim women let’s get naked, what sort of nonsense is this, and how its helping Muslim women across globe? The obsession with hijab, is blown out of proportions totally and ignorance is the issue of these sort of people calling themselves feminists.
    I write a lot on this “Saving Muslim Women Syndrome” despite recieving many negative feedback etc. Bigotry is bigotry, I don’t wear the hijab but I don’t believe its my right to take the hijab off the woman that chooses to do so.
    Western societies won’t understand it anyt time sooner, sadly.

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    1. Exactly sister! Couldn’t have said it any better! These women grow living a comfortable lifestyle compared to women in third world countries, they have really no idea of what oppression means. Their narrow minded and are really indoctrinated by the patriarch system which encourages women to wear heels and dress less. I have never read any article about these kind of “feminists” standing outside embassies and protesting for the women who have been raped in war, as that is indeed the ultimate oppression. Their philosophy is a joke and so are they.

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      1. Well said and let me tell you that this myth of so called third world is only a myth, please feel free to see my blog that is bringing a lot of critical analysis forward. They think third world has no toilet, we give birth on road side, men drive camels and women walk in chains.
        How can we engage with people such as these? And its not like west is saintland, all those VAW issues in the west but no, Oh those evil Muslims and their poor hijabi women. I am truly fed up of this sort of nonsense, EU feminists can protest for being naked and nudity emancipation but have no idea what sort of feminism we are dealing with and how we fight in so called third world, or the Orient as they deem us.
        Besides, the western feminists are silent on women war victims because its their own MEN who go and make those wars on our bodies and lands. Let’s not get carried away or duped by the western world, please. I get so many hate mail and Islamophobic feedback on my blog and in my work, that I find it amusing and aggravating to fight a battle on all sides, but am not ashamed to be Muslim or a Muslim feminist so people can take a hike!
        You keep doing your amazing work please 🙂

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      2. It’s a shame people find your work so offensive that they result in sending hate mail, I believe the words of wisdom are an allergy to the average fool. Thank you once again for your kind words, and likewise do not be discouraged by idiots that are out there. Whatever you feel you write, no human owns our thoughts or speech!

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      3. Exactly my point, the truth has a way of making people very frustrated and start becoming aggressive.
        Each to his or her own!!!


  2. Radical feminist who are truly committed to women’s liberation, equality and the end of patriarchy in the US are not running around naked in public. That’s not organizing, that’s exhibitionism adopted from a culture saturated with pornography to attaches women’s value to her sexual availability not her intellect. Further, imposing western values on women outside of the United States is are vestiges of colonialism.

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  3. Hi Hajra,

    My name is Audrey Meyap and I’m a 3rd year student in Fashion Marketing & Journalism degree.

    I’m currently writing an article on the Feminism for my uni magazine. I choose to write an article about the concept of modesty and Feminism.

    I would like to know if you be willing to answer my questions about you article (above). It will only be a few questions so it won’t take you long to answer them.

    Ps: Please it’s really urgent because my deadline is very tight.

    I look forward to your response.

    Best regards,

    Audrey Meyap


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