Why Radical Feminists Or They’re Misconception Is Kind Of Daft?

There’s seems to be a lot of media attention being paid to the feminist movements recently. Especially, after Emma Watson’s inspiring speech everything just kicked off.  I’ve decided to look into a particular feminist movement which is most commonly known as ‘radical feminism’.  The name in itself is powerful and straight away you know that the movement is a drastic one. So why do I and majority of the population find radical feminists a tad bit aggravating, annoying and well just a bit daft?  Well first of all it is indeed their radical far-reached philosophy. The idea that the planet would be better off without the male species and how all men are baddies is slightly extreme and unfair. Now don’t get me wrong, I know not all feminists think like this but I’m discussing about this certain movement.

Recently, radical feminist bloggers have started a new trend preaching that women shouldn’t wear sanitary protection as a woman’s time of the month is a natural thing and it shouldn’t be “hidden from society” and second all forms of sanitary protections are “Man-made”.  To a liberal feminist like me this new trend is ridiculous and just plain stupid. Okay, first let’s discuss about the concept of nature, sure periods are a natural thing in a woman but that doesn’t mean by us using sanitary protection that is us “hiding from society”. That is just us clever women using the resources around us to make us feel comfortable as I’m sure leaking is the most annoying thing ever for any woman. These tools are made for the purpose to allow women to continue with their daily life.

Also our nature as humans we can use our own intellect to maintain ourselves, to take care of ourselves, whatever we need to do to live a healthy and clean life. By radical feminists campaigning how we should stop using the tools we are provided with implies how if we did stop then we would be becoming more like animals then progressing humans. Animals don’t carry the same intelligence as us therefore when you watch any documentary on animals you’re bound to see animals urinating over each other, eating of each other, bleeding all over each other and even having intercourse in public in front their herd.  However, as human beings science and the Devine reveal we are more intellectual then to behave in this manner and we make use of our recourses and even build our own to live a civilised and intelligent lifestyle. We would be like cavewomen, farrall women whatever you want to call it, if we stopped using sanitary protection!

The second idea that radical feminist have come up with is that sanity protection forms are “man- made”. Therefore we should avoid using them because obviously men in general really care about periods and that’s all they ever think about right? Now I don’t know the history of how the evolution of sanitary protections began as that would be creepy, but I know that there indeed surveys carried out before a product is made. The surveys are filled by women in aid to make the protection more improved.  So clearly, the product is not just man-made as it has a massive contribution of female voices helping which are listened to create better sanitary protection.

This is just one example given indicating how silly radical feminists are.  There are many more out there that I can really go on forever about! Also the notion, that hating men just because of their sex is unfair. That’s the same thing as hating an individual just because of their race. You don’t know anything about the person but you have made a judgment about that person based on their stereotype and have decided to dislike or even hate them because of that one reason. It’s totally imbalanced and discriminatory. I think radical feminists should spend more focus on empowering women the right way. By demonising, degrading and encouraging hate against men is not going to make women any more empowered as her insecurities will still exist. Also their focus is way too obsessed with men. Men this and men that. When you become obsessed with something your mind begins to notice every single quality as well as flaw about the subject. In this case radical feminist are noticing every single flaw that males may have and exaggerating it. Also, not to mention generalising every man on this planet into one bad ex-boyfriend.


One thought on “Why Radical Feminists Or They’re Misconception Is Kind Of Daft?

  1. Today’s feminism is as daft as you pointed out here, if we continue this way feminism would indeed become anti women sooner or later.

    Isn’t it any wonder that many people see through this man hating & see feminism for a joke that feminists allowed it to become?

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