This one’s inspired by Ben Affleck.

So anyone who tuned in to watch Ben Affleck on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ would have witnessed Affleck criticising the host’s and his guests Sam Harris’s racist views on Muslims. Affleck didn’t hold back and obviously wasn’t concerned about his celebrity status when he objected the two men’s views on Islam. The clip of Affleck defending Muslims then went viral and, let’s just says the people of the world love him more than we ever did before.

This incident has just reinforced the kind of racism and unfair stereotyping Muslims have to put up with. On the show Maher argued “it’s the only religion that acts like the mafia” referring to Islam and guest Sam Harris stated “Islam at this moment is the mother-load of bad ideas” after Affleck protested Harris’s view he then had the nerve to say “I’m actually well-educated on this topic”. So here we have a host of a very popular TV show in America and his guests openly basing their analogies on stereotypes! I mean thank God for Ben Affleck being there to speak sense!

This is the sad reality for normal, moderate and innocent Muslims. There are a number of individuals who claim to be Muslims but carry out non-Muslim acts and use the name of God to justify their selfish acts. Those individuals are not the true representation of Muslims; they are neither our ambassadors nor our heroes. But it seems like the people like Maher and Harris don’t care about good Muslims or the bad ones, in their eyes we’re all the same, we all follow the same ideology and preach the same bullshit. The problem is that then these idiots on television then inspire other idiots who in effect make our lives more difficult by encouraging hate and continue to stereotype and cause problems.

Believing every Muslim that exits is a terrorist is the same thing as believing that all Christians are members or share the same vales as the KKK, which of course is utter nonsense. So why can’t people see that? Why do the media continue to make lives harder for normal Muslim people who live normal lives? Affleck also pointed out America has killed more Muslims then the supposed Muslims have. It was America who invaded Iraq first and started the war, oil was the main purpose. So how can these American patriarchs be in such denial and ignorance?

It seems like the definition of terrorism is now only associated with Muslims. If there was a criminal who had harassed innocent citizens, the court would never address him as a terrorist even though what he has done is cause terror.  It seems like that word is only for Muslims, it’s our special word that has been forced upon us. The hypocrisy and double standards are extremely unfair but what’s even worse is the acceptance of it. How people just blindly agree with racist and biased views. Without even questioning what is given to us we just passively absorb it in and then teach our children that. Do real Muslims approve of the killing of innocent lives for your own selfish reasons? The answer is no. that’s something people need to start acknowledging. Let’s educate ourselves people and not just become brainless technology obsessed mannequins!



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