Why do Hollywood and British movies love to have that tokenism Black dude as a character?

I will never really be able to fully understand what the purpose of having Black tokenistic characters is? Is it because if they don’t add in an African American then the movie would be shunned for only including one race? Or is it because they just need to add in a character that people can laugh at? Let’s take a look at the famous film series ‘Fast and furious’.  The character “Roman” who is played by Tyrese Gibson, you can say that Roman is the funny, big and completely thick Black guy.  All the other characters who are either White or Latina are given a few jokes to crack here and there but when they make a consideration it is taken seriously. Unlike poor Roman here, who is simply here to make us all laugh and nothing he says is of true intelligence but after all what a good movie without some comedy eh. There have been so many movies over time that exaggerate and play on the stereotype of one’s race.  What’s the point in even involving ethnic minority characters if the directors are just going to represent them through their stereotypes? And why is it so extremely hard to give characters from an ethnic minority a fair realistic representation instead of dumbing them down or making them seem incredibly aggressive.

Perhaps, directors believe that if they use at least one black character then they’ve checked of all the OFCOM requirements. The character usually has no real purpose the film is not based around that character’s story; he/she is really just an extra, to suggest how “diverse” the movie is. The bottom line is, if you are going to include in any ethnic minority characters then please do not use them for tokenism. Portray them not their stereotypes.





4 thoughts on “Why do Hollywood and British movies love to have that tokenism Black dude as a character?

  1. American & British media always had their systematic race issues, if it wasn’t that — the today’s world would be a different place.
    I have learned through many valuable researches issues relating to the portrayal of non white people in these respective film industries and media — 99% non whites imagery border on savage heathen, angry and or weak, stupid etc that require white savior to uplift them.
    Watch how Malala Yousafzai gets portrayed in both UK and US media. I wrote a while ago some stuff that you have brilliantly summed up here and I love you concluding content. Great work indeed!!

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    1. Exactly this, any other ethnic minority is always portrayed negatively and their white counterparts as the “hero’s with common sense”. To be honest, there’s not much I know about Yousafazi I mean media portrayal wise. In the West she is portrayed very positively. However, I’ve heard in Pakistan she’s not got the biggest fab base for whatever reasons. I’m not sure if you can validate this as I am eager to learn more about her? and once again thank you for your support and encouragement, I’m glad you stumbled across my blog as I did to yours 🙂

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      1. Yes, I really admire your blog and work, are you into journalism career or the likes?
        For Malala’s issue, Pakistani society is divided into two extremes, if you want to read bit more on this, please see my previous posts right from the shooting outrage to the more complexed condition of making martyrs etc etc. Also you may feel absolutely free to pen your valuable feedback, critique and sentiments on my blog, I’ll appreciate it greatly 🙂

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      2. No this is more of a hobby, i actually work for a web designing company which not related whatsoever lol. I’ve always been passionate about these type topics since school, so have this to ventilate my thoughts and of course read other amazing blogs like yours. Sure, I will check your past posts in hope it get an better understanding and of course no problem 🙂

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