It’s degrading to be called a “Bitch” by a guy, but if he says “Bad Bitch” then it’s cool right? Wrong.

I always found the word “Bitch” a bit harsh and kind of undignified, especially when a grown man uses it to curse women. Not to mention that it’s not just highly unchivalrous but also just plain childish. Observing lyrics delivered by your average rapper, using women as verbal punching bags seems to be the norm as there are many rap songs where the closest thing to be linked to a woman is a “Bitch”, “Hoe”, “Dyke” and “Bad Bitch” for when they are feeling like gentleman.  The reason for why I say this is because apparently it is a good thing being called a BB (Bad Bitch); it means the guy is attracted to you. Here’s the urban definition of the term- Totally mentally gifted and usually also fine as hell.” Anyone from the older generation would find this crazy and never be able to comprehend it. But unfortunately being from the messed up generation that I am, this is something that is widely accepted by men but also sadly women. You can’t scroll through your twitter feed without a young female describing herself as a BB and the endless amount of retweets she gets mostly from males.  This word is obviously a “man’s word” it was made by men for men.  So why on earth are women using it for?! Sure you can argue when a woman uses it she’s taking back the power, but in reality when a woman does use the term she is mainly referring to how promiscuous she can be and how she was a right BB about the whole situation.  So in effect basically giving the man what he wants.  Yes this post may sound a tad conservative but as a feminist I just think as women we should condemn this “Lad culture”.

Just because by calling you a BB he may be saying your “fine as hell”, but that doesn’t mean he respects you. And when did it ever become a cool thing to be demeaned and not shown any respect for? At the end of the day men will always have their expectations in how they want women to carry themselves and how they want women to engage with men, for most men that usually involves only having one intention. So of course they will create such idiotic terms to make life a little easier by implying that a woman who gives herself to any Tom, Dick or Harry is super cool, fine, bad-ass, and sexy. However, this is just to feed their own lust and the consideration of a woman’s respect hasn’t even been acknowledged. Also the logic in itself is pretty darn stupid, getting offended when a man calls you a Bitch but thinking it’s the best compliment ever when some random dude on twitter calls you a “Bad Bitch”. Come on now girls, let’s not give into these shallow expectations and let’s not thrive of the attention of a man’s gaze. Instead show him that you demand to be respected but also loved for just being you and not because conform to his expectations.



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